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the australian dollar has slid to its lowest level

Australian dollar slips to its lowest level since June

Economy Pavan Pandey - Nov 22, 2016

The value of Australian dollar has decreased to five month lows, with the effect of a strengthening United States dollar in response to the policies being selected by US president elect Donald trump.

national australia banks cash earning increase to 6 bn

Cash Earnings of National Australia Bank Increase to $6.48 billion

Business Pavan Pandey - Nov 17, 2016

The cash earnings of National Australia Bank (NAB) have increased to $6.48 billion and the bank has been able to keep its dividend steady. It was earlier predicted that the National Australia Bank wou

electric vehicles are redemption to the world

Electric Vehicles all set to take over the world?

Technology Akanksha Singh - Nov 11, 2016

In the era of Global Warming, Electric Vehicles appear to be our redemption When the talks of ‘global warming’, ‘ozone layer depletion’, and ‘glaciers melting down’

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