samsung to launch galaxy s8 smartphone on march 29

Samsung to Launch Galaxy S8 Smartphone on March 29

Technology Pavan Pandey - Feb 27, 2017

Amid leaked images and specifications, Samsung finally announces the first major launch of the smartphone after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

mwc 2017 world largest conference of mobile industry underway in spain

MWC 2017, World’s Largest Conference of Mobile Industry Underway in Spain

Technology Pavan Pandey - Feb 27, 2017

With no Samsung and Apple, all other major companies including LG, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei and even BlackBerry are expected to come up with new models at MWC 2017.

south koreas fair trade commission takes aim at qualcomm

South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission takes aim at Qualcomm

World Mohit Shah - Feb 23, 2017

South Korea’s KFTC fine U.S. giant, Qualcomm, for an estimated $873 million for unfairly using its market position in the country.

what caused samsungs profits to erupt even when the company was getting defamed

What caused Samsung’s profits to erupt even when the company was getting defamed?

Technology Himanshu Gill - Jan 24, 2017

Samsung Electronics emerged with a 50 percent surge in the last three months of 2016, despite the infamous Galaxy Note 7 that led to widespread criticism for the company.

samsung electric car battery promises to run 300 miles on a single charge

Samsung Electric Car Battery Promises to Run 300 Miles on a Single Charge

Technology Pavan Pandey - Jan 10, 2017

South Korean international company Samsung’s subsidiary, SDI Co. Ltd, announced a new battery cell specially designed for use in EV (electric vehicles).

samsung electronics to disclose galaxy note 7 probe results

Samsung Electronics to disclose Galaxy Note 7 probe results

Technology Himanshu Gill - Jan 02, 2017

Samsung Electronics is set to announce the results of an investigation that it carried out to detect what caused some its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to catch fire.

galaxy note 7 samsung limits battery to 30 percent charge

Galaxy Note 7: Samsung limits battery to 30 percent charge

Technology Pavan Pandey - Dec 12, 2016

The South Korean multinational conglomerate company, Samsung, is updating its smartphone Galaxy Note 7 units in Europe that are still in use despite a battery explosion risk.

samsung electronics considering a split under increasing pressure from investors

Samsung Electronics considering a split under increasing pressure from investors

Company Himanshu Gill - Nov 30, 2016

The company announced the proposed split on Tuesday, saying that it is under immense pressure from some investors who are asking Samsung to break itself into a holding unit and an operating company to

samsung offices raided in political corruption probe

Samsung offices raided in Political Corruption Probe

Company Himanshu Gill - Nov 14, 2016

Samsung, world’s leading manufacturer of smartphones and household electronics is under allegations that it gave money to the daughter of Choi Soon-Sil, a close friend to the president. Ms. Choi

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