nintendo makes more than expected profits riding on pokemon go and a weaker yen

Nintendo makes more-than-expected profits riding on Pokémon Go and a weaker yen

Technology Himanshu Gill - Jan 31, 2017

Nintendo has reported its first quarterly profit in a year, enjoying the success of its video game Pokémon go and a fall in yen’s value.

pokemon go not licensed in china due to potential security risks

Pokémon Go not licensed in China due to potential security risks

Technology Himanshu Gill - Jan 10, 2017

Nintendo’s super hit smartphone app, Pokémon Go, is unlikely to be rolled out in China as the state sensor board has refused to license them under potential security threats.

nintendo nes classic edition 2016 review report

Nintendo Classic: Bringing back the good ole days

Technology Akanksha Singh - Nov 10, 2016

Nintendo’s new ‘NES Classic Edition’, the mini-sized console wins hearts all over with its ‘80’s quotient’.Earlier this year, Japan based video-gaming giant Nintend

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