gm to shift plant from canada to mexico cutting 625 jobs

GM to shift plant from Canada to Mexico, cutting 625 jobs

Automotive Himanshu Gill - Jan 28, 2017

US-based automotive giant General Motors has revealed that it will cut 625 jobs at its Canadian assembly point in Ontario, by shifting its production to Mexico.

gm co will announce 1 billion dollars investment in its us factories

GM Co. Will Announce $1 Billion Investment in its US Factories

Company Pavan Pandey - Jan 17, 2017

According to a source, GM Co. plans to announce that it will spend about $1 billion in the United States plants, including Michigan, adding to more than 1000 jobs.

refiners in the us export spectacular amounts of diesel gasoline

Refiners in the U.S. export spectacular amounts of diesel & gasoline

Energy Mohit Shah - Dec 30, 2016

As per analysts, a major share of the exported fuel has perhaps gone to Mexico and several other destinations in Central and South America.

a decade long drug war in mexico

A decade long drug war in Mexico

World Himanshu Gill - Dec 12, 2016

It has been 10 years since Mexico declared a war on powerful drug cartels, but there has been little or no reduction in the country’s roughest regions.

trump to scrap nafta

Trump plans to scrape NAFTA within 200 days of office

Economy Akanksha Singh - Dec 05, 2016

US President elect Donald Trump’s pledge to scrap old trade agreements with Mexico and China, dropping the Mexican government in a fit. Trump in his ‘Transition Memo’ clearly stated

imf report suggests mexican economy under threat of protectionism

IMF report suggests Mexican Economy under threat of protectionism

Economy Himanshu Gill - Nov 30, 2016

The Republican US president-elect, Donald Trump, wants to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and threatens to impose tariffs on US companies dealing with Mexican customers. IM

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