100 percent tariff on us made motorcycles harley davidson reach out to white house

100% tariff on U.S. made Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Automotive Vinay Mishra - Mar 02, 2017

India charges a tariff of 100% on U.S. made motorcycles that is a big competitive disadvantage for Harley-Davidson as sales rose 30% in the last two years.

india likely to fall behind china in terms of gdp growth rate

India likely to fall behind China in terms of GDP growth rate

World Mohit Shah - Feb 28, 2017

Effects of demonetization to become evident as India announces second full-year estimate for 2016 and October to December quarter GDP growth rate.

indias undersea bullet train research work started

India’s undersea Bullet Train research work started

World Mohit Shah - Feb 23, 2017

Geo-investigation work for the $14.6 billion bullet train project in India, funded by Japan, has started.

accenture plans to create 15000 new jobs in the united states

Accenture Plans to Create 15000 New Jobs in the United States

Company Pavan Pandey - Feb 20, 2017

Accenture, the famous information technology company, stated that it would invest $1.4 billion to train its workers and would open 10 innovation hubs in key US cities.

apple hikes app store prices in uk india and turkey by 25 percent

Apple Hikes App Store Prices in UK, India and Turkey by 25 Percent

Technology Pavan Pandey - Jan 19, 2017

American technology giant, Apple Inc., is increasing prices on its app Store in UK, India and Turkey by nearly 25 percent to reflect the sharp depreciation of the pound.

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