samsung to launch galaxy s8 smartphone on march 29

Samsung to Launch Galaxy S8 Smartphone on March 29

Technology Pavan Pandey - Feb 27, 2017

Amid leaked images and specifications, Samsung finally announces the first major launch of the smartphone after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

samsung electronics to disclose galaxy note 7 probe results

Samsung Electronics to disclose Galaxy Note 7 probe results

Technology Himanshu Gill - Jan 02, 2017

Samsung Electronics is set to announce the results of an investigation that it carried out to detect what caused some its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to catch fire.

samsung galaxy x will the first foldable smartphone release next year

Samsung Galaxy X: Will the First Foldable Smartphone Release Next Year?

Economy Himanshu Gill - Nov 15, 2016

This sounds much like the flip phones that ruled the market in the 2000’s. Galaxy X, however is much different than what flip phones like Motorola Razr offered us. It can be folded and unfolded

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