no deal brexit causing heavy cost concerns for honda

No-deal Brexit causing heavy cost concerns for Honda

Company Mohit Shah - Sep 21, 2018

According to Ian Howells, senior vice president at Honda Europe, the company would be impacted with a cost of tens of millions of pounds due to no-deal Brexit.

uks post brexit economy plan framed by ministers

U.K’s post-Brexit economy plan framed by Ministers

Economy Mohit Shah - Nov 28, 2017

On Monday, Britain pitched a new strategy related to its industrial setup which focuses on greater state intervention for handling weak productivity.

hsbc shares drop as annual profits plunges 62 percent

HSBC shares drop as annual profits plunges 62%

Company Mohit Shah - Feb 21, 2017

The annual profits for the UK-based bank experienced a sharper drop leading to a significant fall in shares.

high expectations from essilor and luxottica merger deal

High expectations from Essilor and Luxottica merger deal

Company Mohit Shah - Feb 20, 2017

Looming merger news between Essilor and Luxottica builds up higher prospects towards innovation as well as customer benefits.

easyjet warns of 105m pound profit slump following weaker pound raised fuel prices

EasyJet warns of 105m pound profit slump following weaker pound, raised fuel prices

Company Himanshu Gill - Jan 24, 2017

British low-cost airline EasyJet has said that weaker pound and increasing fuel prices would hit its profit by a larger than expected amount of 105 million pounds ($131 million) this year.

ee mobile company fined 2 7 million pounds for overcharging customers

EE mobile company fined 2.7 million pounds for overcharging customers

Company Himanshu Gill - Jan 18, 2017

UK’s leading mobile phone company, EE, has been fined 2.7 million pounds by the telecoms regulator Ofcom for overcharging tens of thousands of customers.

brexit will bring real opportunities says lord king

Brexit will bring ‘real opportunities’, says Lord King

World Mohit Shah - Dec 30, 2016

The expert professional mentioned the agricultural reform along with a blooming relationship with the Republic of Ireland which can help the U.K. reach a positive ground. 

sterling expected to get another bruise from brexit

Sterling expected to get another bruise from Brexit

Economy Mohit Shah - Dec 23, 2016

As per the managing director at IMA Asia, Richard Martin, the noted value of pound reveals Brexit as a slow-moving disaster for the whole of Britain.

eu divisions expected to help may in brexit negotiations

EU divisions expected to help May in Brexit negotiations

World Mohit Shah - Dec 19, 2016

Negotiations regarding Brexit would be held next year; U.K.’s Prime Minister Theresa May could acquire an upper hand due to EU’s complex political system.        

food industry warns price rise post the brexit vote

Food Industry warns price rise post the Brexit vote

Economy Himanshu Gill - Dec 09, 2016

A trade group comprising of 30 food and drink associations have warned that food prices will go up once EU workers leave the UK after Brexit vote or due to the fall in pound’s value.  

seven european nations to face legal action for failing to act against vw group

Seven European nations to face legal action for failing to act against VW group

Automotive Himanshu Gill - Dec 09, 2016

The EU has decided to take legal action against seven nations, including the UK, Germany and Spain, accusing them of failing to act against Volkswagen in the diesel emission scandal.

wto about to sanction boeing over illegal tax breaks

WTO to restrict Boeing for illegal tax breaks

Company Pavan Pandey - Nov 30, 2016

The World Trade Organization is about to announce this week that, the US aircraft maker has broken global guidelines against tax breaks and it will have to repay for this act. WTO further added, the c

microsoft offers software and hardware concessions to win eu approval for its 26 billion dollar linkedin deal

Microsoft offers software and hardware concessions to win EU approval for its $26 billion LinkedIn deal

Company Himanshu Gill - Nov 23, 2016

Microsoft announced in June this year that it has signed an agreement with LinkedIn under which it would acquire the professional social network for an all cash value of $26.2 billion. The deal would

eu warns 8 nations on running bigger budget deficits

EU warns 8 nations for running bigger budget deficits

Economy Himanshu Gill - Nov 18, 2016

Under EU rules, member countries are allowed to run an annual budget deficit of not more than 3% out of their total economic outputs. However, the warning complies for 2017, suggesting that the propos

05 growth for uk economy after three months of brexit

0.5% Growth for UK Economy after Three Months of Brexit

Economy Pavan Pandey - Nov 17, 2016

After the Brexit vote, the British’s economy, contrary to projections, has witnessed an increase of 0.5%. In the previous quarter, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth was 0.7%, but the growt

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