samsung chief arrested as south korea corruption scandal widens

Samsung chief arrested as South Korea corruption scandal widens

World Mohit Shah - Feb 17, 2017

According to a South Korean court, Samsung Group chief Jay Y. Lee got arrested on Friday over his alleged contribution in the grave corruption scandal prevailing in the country.

samsung chief emerges as a suspect in south korea scandal

Samsung chief emerges as a suspect in South Korea scandal

World Mohit Shah - Jan 11, 2017

 The prime accusation on the firm is based on the offering of hefty donations to non-profitable foundations managed by Choi Soon-sil, advisor to President Park Geun-hye.

south koreas parliament votes to impeach park geun hye

South Korea’s parliament votes to impeach Park Geun-hye

World Mohit Shah - Dec 09, 2016

This parliamentary vote highlights that Ms. Park has been suspended and the case will be passed on to the Constitutional Court. The court has a period of 180 days to announce a final decision. South K

heavy protests to ignite against south korean president

Heavy protests to ignite against South Korean president

World Mohit Shah - Nov 30, 2016

The police department in the capital city, Seoul, has braced itself in order to manage a huge crowd of 1.5 million protestors who are expected to gather in the area. Moreover, a count of 500,000 prote

samsung offices raided in political corruption probe

Samsung offices raided in Political Corruption Probe

Company Himanshu Gill - Nov 14, 2016

Samsung, world’s leading manufacturer of smartphones and household electronics is under allegations that it gave money to the daughter of Choi Soon-Sil, a close friend to the president. Ms. Choi

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