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japan to build worlds fastest and most efficient supercomputer

Japan to build world's fastest and most efficient supercomputer

Technology Pavan Pandey - Nov 30, 2016

Japan wants to build a super-efficient computer that could possibly be world’s fastest supercomputer in the upcoming years. The new Artificial Intelligence Bridging Cloud Infrastructure (AIBC) w

microsoft and elon musks openai 1 billion deal for democratizing ai

Microsoft and Elon Musk’s OpenAI $1bn deal for democratizing AI

Technology Pavan Pandey - Nov 17, 2016

The companies announced that the research project is dedicated to democratizing access to AI and also creating significant assistance to advance the area of Artificial Intelligence to tackle most chal

china economic meltdown might be a curse to the world economy

China's Economic Slowdown: All you need to know

Business Akanksha Singh - Nov 10, 2016

China has been reporting a constant GDP of 6.7 % since the past three fiscal years, but the stastics tell a very different story. The country’s GDP is set to reach its lowest, which hasn’t

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