pilot informed colombia controllers about empty fuel tank

Pilot informed Colombia controllers about empty fuel tank

World Mohit Shah - Dec 02, 2016

A full investigation has started which would cover several aspects including the aircraft's flight and maintenance records along with instruments data preserved in the black boxes that were recove

medellin plane crash football rallies for brazilian team chapecoense

Medellin Plane Crash: Football rallies for Brazilian team Chapecoense

World Mohit Shah - Nov 30, 2016

The crash took place on Monday near the mountainous patch outside Medellín City, Colombia. Only five people have survived the crash; while, 71 have been confirmed dead.

colombia plane crash brazilian football team was onboard

Colombia Plane Crash: Brazilian Football Team was Onboard

World Mohit Shah - Nov 30, 2016

As per officials, a chartered aircraft with more than 80 passengers has crashed in Colombia. The shocking aspect related to this incident is the presence of a Brazilian football team, Chapecoense, whi

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