smartphone giants apple and samsung resolve their seven long years fight

Smartphone Giants Apple and Samsung Resolve their Seven Long Years Fight

Company Mohit Shah - Jun 29, 2018

Apple and Samsung Electronics have finally reached a decision in their US clear battle, ending a seven-year fight over smartphone designs that crossed the globe.

apple next breakthrough augmented reality

Apple's next breakthrough: Augmented Reality

Technology Vinay Mishra - Mar 21, 2017

Apple is gearing up its staff with acquisitions and some high profile hires to help it dominate the next generation of gadgetry and keep people wedded to its devices.

mwc 2017 world largest conference of mobile industry underway in spain

MWC 2017, World’s Largest Conference of Mobile Industry Underway in Spain

Technology Pavan Pandey - Feb 27, 2017

With no Samsung and Apple, all other major companies including LG, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei and even BlackBerry are expected to come up with new models at MWC 2017.

apples share hit all time high

Apple’s share hit all-time high

Company Mohit Shah - Feb 23, 2017

After a positive research report from Morgan Stanley and expectations from Chinese market, apple’s shares closed at $136.70 on 21 Feb, an all-time high. 

top us technology companies join forces against trump travel ban

Top US Technology Companies Join Forces against Trump’s Travel Ban

World Pavan Pandey - Feb 07, 2017

More than 100 corporations, including most of the high-tech’s leading names, united a legal brief opposing US President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban.

foxconn planning to invest 7 billion in manufacturing in the us

Foxconn planning to invest $7 billion in manufacturing in the US

Company Himanshu Gill - Jan 23, 2017

Taiwan’s technology giant Foxconn has confirmed that it is planning to set up a new plant in the United States with an investment of more than $7 billion.

apple veteran named vice president of teslas autopilot software

Apple Veteran Named Vice President of Tesla’s Autopilot Software

Company Pavan Pandey - Jan 11, 2017

American Automaker Company, Tesla Motors, has hired Chris Lattner as the vice president of its autopilot software division.

apple named as the most environment friendly tech company by greenpeace

Apple Named as the Most Environment-Friendly Tech Company by Greenpeace

Technology Pavan Pandey - Jan 11, 2017

According to a new report issued by an environmental organization, Greenpeace, Apple has been deemed as the most environment-friendly tech firm consecutively for the third time in a row.

apple app stores sales jump 40 percent in 2016

Apple App Stores’ sales jump 40 percent in 2016

Company Himanshu Gill - Jan 06, 2017

Apple's App Store had a marvelous 2016 as it generated record revenues, up by 40 percent than the previous year, as revealed by the company.

apple withdraws new york times app from chinese app store

Apple withdraws New York Times app from Chinese app store

Technology Mohit Shah - Jan 05, 2017

Apple has removed the New York Times from its App Store in China, in response to the request made by Chinese authorities.

nokia again sues apple over patent infringement

Nokia again sues Apple over patent infringement

Technology Himanshu Gill - Dec 22, 2016

Finland based Nokia Corp. announced on Wednesday that it has filed complaints against Apple in Germany and the US, allegedly for breaching 32 technology patents.

apple and ireland to challenge eus ruling of back taxes collection

Apple and Ireland to challenge EU’s ruling of back taxes collection

Market Himanshu Gill - Dec 19, 2016

Apple is set to appeal against the European Union’s ruling that bounded the company to pay 13 billion euros ($13.6 billion) as back taxes to Ireland.  

apple blames external damage for exploding iphones in china

Apple blames external damage for exploding iPhones in China

Company Himanshu Gill - Dec 09, 2016

Apple has given a statement blaming external damages on reports of a number of iPhones getting exploded or catching fire in China.

apple confirms it is working on automated vehicles

Apple confirms it is working on automated vehicles

Technology Himanshu Gill - Dec 05, 2016

In a five page letter to the transport regulators in the US, Apple’s director of product integrity Steve Kenner, said that the company is excited about testing the potentials of automated transp

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