euro slips amidst italian referendum

Euro slips amidst Italy’s constitutional referendum

Economy Akanksha Singh - Dec 05, 2016

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced on Monday, that he is resigning from the office of Italy’s Prime Minister, after his brainchild, the constitutional reform was rejected by most of the Itali

italian prime minister to resign after the referendums defeat

Italy’s PM Renzi to quit after the referendum blasphemy

World Akanksha Singh - Dec 05, 2016

The Italian Constitutional Referendum, which was formally set to decide whether Italy should make amends to its 1948 constitution, ended up deciding the fate of the Italian government. The referendum

eu warns 8 nations on running bigger budget deficits

EU warns 8 nations for running bigger budget deficits

Economy Himanshu Gill - Nov 18, 2016

Under EU rules, member countries are allowed to run an annual budget deficit of not more than 3% out of their total economic outputs. However, the warning complies for 2017, suggesting that the propos

mcdonalds sues the city of florence for 20 million dollars

McDonalds sues the city of Florence for $20 million

Business Akanksha Singh - Nov 15, 2016

American fast-food giant McDonald’s, dragged the city of Florence to court and stated that it claimed about $20 million through the lawsuit. Issue being the fact that the city’s Mayor, tim

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