turkey child rape bill massive protests lead to bill withdrawal

Turkey Child Rape Bill: Massive Protests Lead to Bill Withdrawal

World Mohit Shah - Nov 23, 2016

Turkey child rape bill was expected to be a relief, but instead it has become a controversial issue separating the thoughts of the government and the public. According to the suggested bill, rape culp

japan and south korea sign an intelligence sharing pact

Japan and South-Korea sign an intelligence agreement ‘GSOMIA’

World Akanksha Singh - Nov 23, 2016

South Korean president Park Geun-hye approved the much debated GSOMIA, General Security of Military Information Agreement pact with Japan. The pact is aimed at sharing information and countering the N

donald trump disavows the alt right movement

Trump disavows the alt-right movement

World Akanksha Singh - Nov 23, 2016

In a recent interview with the New-York Times, President elect Donald Trump denied allegations of supporting the alt-right movement; he also expressed his disappointment in people who are relating his

frances republican presidential race nicolas sarkozy knocked out

Nicolas Sarkozy knocked out from the Republican Presidential Race in France

World Pavan Pandey - Nov 23, 2016

The former president Mr. Sarkozy acquired the third position among seven contesting candidates for the nomination for France’s center-right party. First place was covered by Francois Fillon, who

earthquake in japan charges tsunami waves at fukushima

Earthquake in Japan Charges Tsunami Waves at Fukushima

World Mohit Shah - Nov 22, 2016

It is the second time where an earthquake and tsunami has struck this area. In 2011, a similar natural disaster led to the killing of 18,000 people.According to Japan’s Meteorological Agency, th

two massive earthquakes shake western argentina in a difference of 8 days

Two massive earthquakes shake western Argentina in a difference of 8 days

World Pavan Pandey - Nov 22, 2016

According to the United States Geological Survey reports, a massive 6.4 magnitude earthquake has hit the region of San Juan located in western Argentina. The tremors of the quake were also felt in San

british children tagged as the least active as per survey

British children tagged as the least active, as per survey

World Mohit Shah - Nov 22, 2016

The research involved an active comparison of 38 countries across the globe. It was found out that, England, Wales and Scotland were placed the lowest in terms of physical activity. These rankings are

train crash in india 133 killed more than 200 injured

Train Crash in India: 133 killed, more than 200 injured

World Mohit Shah - Nov 22, 2016

Senior railway official Pratap Rai said that, desperate survivors tried to enter the busted carriages in search for family members and personal belongings. A total of 13 crashed coaches have been clea

donald trump agrees to settle trump university lawsuits for 25m dollar

Donald Trump agrees to settle Trump University lawsuits for $25m

World Himanshu Gill - Nov 22, 2016

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced this deal which would settle the lawsuit that he filed three years ago, along with two class-action lawsuits filed by former Trump Universit

oil tanker explodes in mozambique 73 killed and more than 110 injured

Oil Tanker explodes in Mozambique; 73 killed and more than 110 injured

World Pavan Pandey - Nov 21, 2016

The government officials confirmed this fuel related disaster which occurred in the village of Caphiridzange located in western Tete. This incident started when the local citizens tried to steal petro

japanese pm shinzo abe meets us president elect donald trump

Abe Shinzo meets the U.S. president elect Donald Trump

World Akanksha Singh - Nov 18, 2016

U.S. president elect Donald Trump has several times given confusing and varying comments about Japan and nuclear weapons; during an interview with CNN he said “Maybe it’s the time to chang

three shipwrecks of ww2 strangely disappeared from the bottom of java sea

Three Shipwrecks of WW II Strangely Disappeared from the Bottom of Java Sea

World Pavan Pandey - Nov 18, 2016

 A pair of warships sunk during the historic 1942 naval battle (Battle of the Java Sea) totally vanished from the bottom of the Java Sea and some large parts of another warship are also missing.

closure of the worlds biggest refugee camp delayed by 6 months

Closure of the World’s Biggest Refugee Camp delayed by 6 Months

World Mohit Shah - Nov 18, 2016

Kenya’s Dadaab complex is managed by UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) and is home to more than 350,000 refugees, making it the biggest refugee camp in the world.

egypt court reversed the death sentence of ousted president morsi

The death sentence of ousted president Morsi reversed by the Egyptian Court

World Pavan Pandey - Nov 17, 2016

An Egyptian court reversed the death sentence of the former president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi. He was unseated by the army on 3rd July after the Egyptian protest in the month of June 2013. This decisi

world meteorological organization says 2016 will be the warmest year in history

World Meteorological Organization claims, 2016 will be the warmest year in History

World Pavan Pandey - Nov 17, 2016

According to meteorological scientists, ‘The burning high temperature around the entire world, and the effect of weather change on people are sooner and with more eeriness than anticipated.&rsqu

zika virus can travel anywhere

Zika Virus can Travel Anywhere, Warns Obstetrician Adriana Melo

World Mohit Shah - Nov 15, 2016

Zika virus disease is basically caused due to the transmission of a particular virus via Aedes mosquitoes. The symptoms are quite similar to dengue, but with the unavailability of any treatment or vac

new zealand devastated by earthquake of magnitude 7 followed by deadly aftershocks

New Zealand devastated by earthquake of magnitude 7.8 followed by deadly aftershocks

World Himanshu Gill - Nov 15, 2016

The south island experienced many tremors, including a 6.2 magnitude quake after the midnight earthquake that caused two casualties and damage to property. Many roads were vandalized as well

imf approves 12 billion loan to crisis hit egypt

IMF approves $12 billion loan to crisis hit Egypt

World Himanshu Gill - Nov 15, 2016

Initially, Egypt will be receiving $2.75 billion and the rest would be subject to its economic policies and their implementation. The deal, termed as Extended Fund Facility (EFF) was long-waited by Eg

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