south korea prosecutors seek arrest warrant for samsung group chief

South Korea prosecutors seek arrest warrant for Samsung Group chief

World Mohit Shah - Jan 16, 2017

On Monday, South Korea’s special prosecutor’s office announced it will seek an arrest warrant against Samsung Group chief, Jay Y. Lee, for his involvement in the corruption scandal.

chinese navy launches a new electronic reconnaissance ship

Chinese Navy Launches a New Electronic Reconnaissance Ship

World Pavan Pandey - Jan 13, 2017

According to the Chinese state media, China has launched a new electrical intelligence-gathering ship, designed to increase the military’s surveillance abilities.

india threatens to terminate amazon employees

India threatens to terminate Amazon employees

World Mohit Shah - Jan 12, 2017

India’s foreign minister, Sushma Swaraj, has warned to terminate all foreign Amazon employees from the nation over the selling of doormats possessing the Indian flag by Amazon Canada. 

samsung chief emerges as a suspect in south korea scandal

Samsung chief emerges as a suspect in South Korea scandal

World Mohit Shah - Jan 11, 2017

 The prime accusation on the firm is based on the offering of hefty donations to non-profitable foundations managed by Choi Soon-sil, advisor to President Park Geun-hye.

singapore prosecutors files 16 charges against ex falcon bank manager

Singapore Prosecutors Files 16 Charges against Ex-Falcon Bank Manager

World Pavan Pandey - Jan 05, 2017

Singapore authorities have charged a fifth person with crimes connected to alleged misappropriation at Malaysian state fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd. (MDB).

cyber attack allegations forces us to terminate russian diplomats

Cyber-attack allegations forces US to terminate Russian diplomats

World Mohit Shah - Jan 03, 2017

In response to the alleged breach into the U.S. presidential elections, the United States has removed 35 Russian diplomats. 

iran to sign 400 million dollars deal with atr for 20 aircrafts

Iran to Sign $400 Million Deal with ATR for 20 Aircrafts

World Pavan Pandey - Jan 02, 2017

Iran’s Deputy Transport Minister, Mr. Asghar Fakhrieh-Kashan announced that a $400 million deal for the buying of twenty 70-seat passenger airliners will be finalized this week.

london mayor welcomes eu citizens despite brexit fears

London mayor welcomes EU citizens despite Brexit fears

World Mohit Shah - Jan 02, 2017

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, stated in an interview that European citizens are welcomed in the city and this decision is tough to be changed.

brexit will bring real opportunities says lord king

Brexit will bring ‘real opportunities’, says Lord King

World Mohit Shah - Dec 30, 2016

The expert professional mentioned the agricultural reform along with a blooming relationship with the Republic of Ireland which can help the U.K. reach a positive ground. 

china plans a massive rail expansion worth 504 billion dollars

China Plans a Massive Rail Expansion Worth $504 Billion

World Pavan Pandey - Dec 30, 2016

According to a white paper, titled as Development of China’s Transport, the Chinese govt. plans to enlarge the nation’s high-speed rail network to 18,600 miles by 2020.

chinese hackers accused of making over 4 million dollar by breaking into us law firms

Chinese Hackers Accused of Making over $4m by Breaking into US Law Firms

World Pavan Pandey - Dec 29, 2016

Three Chinese individuals have been accused of hacking the computer systems of US Law firms advising on company mergers have been charged with a multi-million dollar cyber scam in New York.

qualcomm inc charged 854 million dollars by south korean antitrust regulators

Qualcomm Inc. Charged $854 Million by South Korean Antitrust Regulators

World Pavan Pandey - Dec 28, 2016

A South Korean regulator, Fair Trade Commission, said it would fine US Chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. $854 million (1.03 trillion won) for alleged antitrust violations.

business leaders in the uk expect growth in 2017 post brexit

Business leaders in the U.K. expect growth in 2017 post-Brexit

World Mohit Shah - Dec 26, 2016

As per current polls, top business chiefs retain their confidence in U.K.’s economy after the Brexit shocker which took place in the month of June.

us sues barclays for fraud dealing of mortgage securities

U.S. sues Barclays for fraud dealing of mortgage securities

World Mohit Shah - Dec 24, 2016

Barclays has been charged by the U.S. Justice Department, alleging the bank was involved in the fraud selling of mortgage securities worth $30 billion.

russian ambassador shot dead in ankaras photo gallery

Russian Ambassador Shot Dead in Ankara’s Photo Gallery

World Pavan Pandey - Dec 20, 2016

A 22-year-old Turkish police officer apparently shot Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Gennadyevich Karlov, to protest Russia’s involvement in Aleppo.

thousands of workers intent to strike during christmas week

Thousands of workers intent to strike during Christmas week

World Mohit Shah - Dec 19, 2016

A heavy wave is about to hit the U.K. this week as workers from rail companies, postal services and airlines have planned a series of strikes.

eu divisions expected to help may in brexit negotiations

EU divisions expected to help May in Brexit negotiations

World Mohit Shah - Dec 19, 2016

Negotiations regarding Brexit would be held next year; U.K.’s Prime Minister Theresa May could acquire an upper hand due to EU’s complex political system.        

russian plane crashes in siberia while making an emergency landing

Russian plane crashes in Siberia while making an emergency landing

World Himanshu Gill - Dec 19, 2016

Russian Defense Ministry’s IL-18 air plane with 39 people on board crashed in Yakutia in Siberia while trying to make an emergency landing near a military base of the Soviet era.

china seize us unmanned underwater drone in south china sea

Chinese Seize US Unmanned Underwater Drone in South China Sea

World Pavan Pandey - Dec 17, 2016

The Pentagon is demanding China to return an underwater unmanned U.S. naval drone which was unlawfully seized by a Chinese Naval Ship in international waters.

us will respond to russian cyber interference in the presidential elections obama

US will respond to Russian cyber interference in the presidential elections: Obama

World Pavan Pandey - Dec 16, 2016

The President of the United State of America, Mr. Barack Obama said in his statement at US radio station NPR (National Public Radio), “We need to take action and we will.”

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