bank of latvia head held in anti corruption probe

Bank of Latvia head held in anti-corruption probe

World Mohit Shah - Feb 19, 2018

Latvia’s central bank governor was held by the country’s anti-corruption agency; his house and offices under Bank of Latvia were raided by officers.

gdp of eurozone reaches ten year high

GDP of Eurozone reaches 10-year high

World Mohit Shah - Jan 30, 2018

The Eurozone economy grew at its wildest rate in a decade in 2017, as per preliminary data revealed on Tuesday. 

uk inflation rate blunders to 3 percent first drop in the last six months

UK inflation rate blunders to 3%; first drop in the last six months

World Mohit Shah - Jan 16, 2018

The inflation rate slipped to 3% in December, lower from November's rate of 3.1%; this slowing rate of growth is seen as a compensation partly by higher tobacco prices. 

china will cut export taxes on few steel products and fertilisers

China will Cut Export taxes on Few Steel Products and Fertilisers

World Mohit Shah - Dec 15, 2017

China will stop export taxes for some steel products and import tariffs on steel slag from Jan. 1 2018, as part a series of changes announced by the Ministry of Finance.

venezuela uses smaller banks to execute dollar deals

Venezuela uses smaller banks to execute dollar deals

World Nikhil S - Mar 21, 2017

Venezuela is utilizing less famous banks, such as a small Puerto Rican lender, since brokers for some international trade agencies, after Citigroup (C.N) in 2016, stopped offering currency services.

brazil meat sector ruined by scandal china and eu suspend imports

Brazil meat sector ruined by scandal; China and EU suspend imports

World Vinay Mishra - Mar 21, 2017

World's biggest meat and poultry exporter, Brazil, suspended more than 30 senior government servants who weren’t able to spot the unhygienic and illegal practices in the industry.

eurozone finance ministers meet to debate regional issues

Eurozone finance ministers meet to debate regional issues

World Mohit Shah - Mar 21, 2017

A total of 19 Eurozone finance ministers met in Brussels for discussing the Greek bailout program. However, currently the group itself is facing internal problems regarding its leadership.

samsung chief lee jae yongs trial targeted over bribery

Samsung chief Lee Jae-Yong’s trial targeted over bribery

World Mohit Shah - Mar 09, 2017

Samsung’s de facto head Lee Jae-Yong has been dropped into a trial which has begun in South Korea; the corruption charges include embezzlement and bribery as the prime wrongdoings.

serious uncertainties over uk trade post brexit

Serious uncertainties over UK trade post-Brexit

World Mohit Shah - Mar 08, 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May has planned to initiate the UK’s exit from the European Union with a deadline set for March end, but any fixed decision of British trade still remains unanswered.

uk government suffers another brexit bill defeat

UK Government suffers another Brexit bill defeat

World Mohit Shah - Mar 08, 2017

The British government suffers a second defeat on its Brexit bill as the House of Lords commanded a “meaningful” parliamentary vote on the final terms of the withdrawal.

uk government defeated over brexit bill as house of lords favor amendment

UK government defeated over Brexit bill as House of Lords favor amendment

World Mohit Shah - Mar 02, 2017

The House of Lords voted in favor for the amendment which focused on the protection of EU nationals in the United Kingdom.

samsung heir formally indicted over bribery charges

Samsung heir formally indicted over bribery charges

World Mohit Shah - Mar 01, 2017

Lee Jae-yong, Samsung’s heir apparent has been charged officially by South Korea’s special prosecutor’s office on multiple charges including embezzlement and bribery.

india likely to fall behind china in terms of gdp growth rate

India likely to fall behind China in terms of GDP growth rate

World Mohit Shah - Feb 28, 2017

Effects of demonetization to become evident as India announces second full-year estimate for 2016 and October to December quarter GDP growth rate.

budapest withdraws bid for 2024 olympics citing political and financial concerns

Budapest Withdraws Bid for 2024 Olympics, Citing Political and Financial Concerns

World Pavan Pandey - Feb 24, 2017

Financial concerns have led many cities to abandon their Olympic dreams, Rome, Boston and Hamburg dropped out from 2024 Olympics Games.

google to grants 115 million dollars in racial justice organizations

Google to grants $11.5 Million in Racial Justice Organizations

World Pavan Pandey - Feb 24, 2017

On Thursday, the charitable arm of the search giant, Google Inc., stated that the will spend $11.5 Mn in grants to racial justice organization in the United States.

indias undersea bullet train research work started

India’s undersea Bullet Train research work started

World Mohit Shah - Feb 23, 2017

Geo-investigation work for the $14.6 billion bullet train project in India, funded by Japan, has started.

south koreas fair trade commission takes aim at qualcomm

South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission takes aim at Qualcomm

World Mohit Shah - Feb 23, 2017

South Korea’s KFTC fine U.S. giant, Qualcomm, for an estimated $873 million for unfairly using its market position in the country.

china curbs all coal imports from north korea

China curbs all coal imports from North Korea

World Mohit Shah - Feb 20, 2017

The decision was expressed after North Korea's February 11 missile test, as tensions intensify over the isolated state's disobedience of UN resolutions.

consortium bags 349 million dollars contract for high speed rail

Consortium bags $34.9 Million Contract for High-Speed Rail

World Pavan Pandey - Feb 17, 2017

Under this contract, the consortium, made up of Mott MacDonald, WSP Engineering and Ernst & Young Advisory services, will provide project Mgmt. support on HSR operations.

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