prominent alt right accounts suspended by the twitter

Prominent Alt-Right Accounts Suspended by the Twitter

Technology Pavan Pandey - Nov 18, 2016

The social media giant Twitter has not offered any explanation for its stern measure against alt-right accounts. Twitter is rolling out a chain of actions to control hate speech and abusive content fr

microsoft and elon musks openai 1 billion deal for democratizing ai

Microsoft and Elon Musk’s OpenAI $1bn deal for democratizing AI

Technology Pavan Pandey - Nov 17, 2016

The companies announced that the research project is dedicated to democratizing access to AI and also creating significant assistance to advance the area of Artificial Intelligence to tackle most chal

spectacles new goggles by snapchat

Snapchat Spectacles is the new tech trend

Technology Akanksha Singh - Nov 15, 2016

Snapchat has launched its new gadget ‘Spectacles’, and it’s all the rage. The ‘Spectacle’ is a sunglass like gadget that records mini videos, like snapchat stories these

gopro recalls karma drones due to power failure issues

GoPro recalls Karma Drones Due to Power Failure Issues

Technology Himanshu Gill - Nov 11, 2016

Karma Drones were launched in September and since then 2500 units have been sold. The company, however, said that there are lesser number of complaints and it is not offering any replacement for the d

3d printing is a technology of future

Is 3D Printing The Future ?

Technology Akanksha Singh - Nov 11, 2016

Technology for 3D Printing has changed over the years and now it is the “ish” of futureWhen Tony Stark made an army of robots in Iron man, all the nerd in me could think of was, that I wan

global robotics market rising demand in the automotive industry

Global Robotics Market: Rising Demand in the Automotive Industry

Technology Mohit Shah - Nov 11, 2016

Global market for robots has significantly accelerated due to the growing demand for industrial robotics with automotive industry acting as a prime contributor This enhancement is very positive which

google launches new home assisstive device home

All you need to know about Google Home

Technology Akanksha Singh - Nov 11, 2016

‘Google Home’ is a home assistive device, released all over the world on 4th November 2016. It is built-in with high quality speakers, that allow you a hands free verbal control of al

nintendo nes classic edition 2016 review report

Nintendo Classic: Bringing back the good ole days

Technology Akanksha Singh - Nov 10, 2016

Nintendo’s new ‘NES Classic Edition’, the mini-sized console wins hearts all over with its ‘80’s quotient’.Earlier this year, Japan based video-gaming giant Nintend

machine learning helps in deciphering suicidal tendencies

Machine learning to decipher suicidal tendencies in patients

Technology Akanksha Singh - Nov 10, 2016

But it’s still a wonder when we hear that robots can now perform heart surgery; so, it is only a medical miracle, when one hears that a ‘computer’ can decipher if a person has suicid

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