snap inc files paperwork to raise 3 billion dollars in its long awaited ipo

Snap Inc. Files Paperwork to Raise $3 Billion in its Long-Awaited IPO

Technology Pavan Pandey - Feb 03, 2017

Snap Inc., the parent company of fast-growing social network Snapchat, filed paperwork to increase $3 billion in company’s long-awaited IPO (Initial Public Offering).

samsung electronics will unveil web payments service for android in south korea

Samsung Electronics will Unveil Web Payments Service for Android in South Korea

Technology Pavan Pandey - Feb 02, 2017

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. will launch Samsung Pay Mini, which will offer online payment services for all Android-powered operating system smartphones in South Korea.

us jury ordered facebook to pay 500m dollars in damages over vr lawsuit

US Jury Ordered Facebook to Pay $500m in Damages over VR Lawsuit

Technology Pavan Pandey - Feb 02, 2017

On Wednesday, a US jury ordered Facebook Inc., its VR unit Oculus, and other defendants to pay a combined sum of $500 million to video game publisher, ZeniMax Media Inc.

talktalk founder and chairman charles dunstone will acquire leadership from harding

TalkTalk Founder and Chairman Dunstone Will Acquire Leadership from Harding

Technology Pavan Pandey - Feb 01, 2017

TalkTalk said that its founder Sir Charles Dunstone will become executive chairman after stepping down as chairman of Dixons Carphones in May.

nintendo makes more than expected profits riding on pokemon go and a weaker yen

Nintendo makes more-than-expected profits riding on Pokémon Go and a weaker yen

Technology Himanshu Gill - Jan 31, 2017

Nintendo has reported its first quarterly profit in a year, enjoying the success of its video game Pokémon go and a fall in yen’s value.

facebook copies another major snapchat feature

Facebook copies another major Snapchat feature

Technology Mohit Shah - Jan 28, 2017

The U.S. social networking firm, Facebook, is testing a fresh component which is similar to Snapchat’s ‘Story’ feature.

hp recalls over 101000 faulty laptop batteries for free replacement

HP recalls over 101,000 faulty laptop batteries for free replacement

Technology Himanshu Gill - Jan 27, 2017

Leading PC maker Hewlett Packard (HP) has voluntarily recalled over 101,000 of its laptop batteries due to the possibility that they may overheat and catch fire.

what caused samsungs profits to erupt even when the company was getting defamed

What caused Samsung’s profits to erupt even when the company was getting defamed?

Technology Himanshu Gill - Jan 24, 2017

Samsung Electronics emerged with a 50 percent surge in the last three months of 2016, despite the infamous Galaxy Note 7 that led to widespread criticism for the company.

samsung electronics identifies exact faults in galaxy note 7

Samsung Electronics identifies exact faults in Galaxy Note 7

Technology Mohit Shah - Jan 23, 2017

Samsung Electronics has finally cited assembly and manufacturing defects which caused its Galaxy Note 7 handsets to blast.

ibm posts 19th consecutive quarter of revenue decline amid transformation

IBM posts 19th consecutive quarter of revenue decline amid transformation

Technology Himanshu Gill - Jan 20, 2017

International Business Machines (IBM) registered its 19th straight quarter of revenue decline, adding another year to its long string of short earnings from 2011 to 2015.

apple hikes app store prices in uk india and turkey by 25 percent

Apple Hikes App Store Prices in UK, India and Turkey by 25 Percent

Technology Pavan Pandey - Jan 19, 2017

American technology giant, Apple Inc., is increasing prices on its app Store in UK, India and Turkey by nearly 25 percent to reflect the sharp depreciation of the pound.

stanford researchers develop battery with inbuilt fire extinguisher

Stanford Researchers develop battery with inbuilt fire extinguisher

Technology Himanshu Gill - Jan 18, 2017

Researchers in USA’s Stanford University have developed a lithium-ion battery consisting of a fire extinguishing material that douses sparks before they turn into flames.

chinese search engine baidu inc opens an ar lab in beijing

Chinese Search Engine Baidu Inc. Opens an AR Lab in Beijing

Technology Pavan Pandey - Jan 17, 2017

Chinese search engine Baidu Inc. launched an augmented reality (AR) lab in Beijing as part of a $200 million effort to revitalize the firm’s shrinking profit.

microsoft corp buys waterloo based ai start up maluuba

Microsoft Corp. Buys Waterloo-Based AI Start-Up Maluuba

Technology Pavan Pandey - Jan 16, 2017

Microsoft Corp. is purchasing into Canada’s AI research community with an agreement to buy Maluuba, a deep learning and Artificial Intelligence Technology startup.

fb plans to update its platform in germany to reduce fake news posts

FB Plans to Update Its Platform in Germany to Reduce the Dissemination of Fake News

Technology Pavan Pandey - Jan 16, 2017

On Sunday, Facebook cited that it would update firm’s social media platform in Germany within weeks to diminish the diffusion of fake news.

nintendo switch global launch set for march 3 us cost fixed at 300

Nintendo Switch global launch set for March 3; U.S cost fixed at $300

Technology Mohit Shah - Jan 13, 2017

Nintendo’s next-generation gaming system, Switch, will be available for sale globally on March 3; however, Nintendo shares slumped due to the high end starting price of the console. 

singtel telco launches the 450mbps 4g lte advanced service for free

Singtel Telco Launches the 450Mbps 4G LTE Advanced Service for Free

Technology Pavan Pandey - Jan 11, 2017

The 4G customers in Singapore can easily gain access to Singtel (Singapore Telecommunications Limited) Telco’s upgraded 4G network by enabling the 450mbps speeds.

apple named as the most environment friendly tech company by greenpeace

Apple Named as the Most Environment-Friendly Tech Company by Greenpeace

Technology Pavan Pandey - Jan 11, 2017

According to a new report issued by an environmental organization, Greenpeace, Apple has been deemed as the most environment-friendly tech firm consecutively for the third time in a row.

samsung electric car battery promises to run 300 miles on a single charge

Samsung Electric Car Battery Promises to Run 300 Miles on a Single Charge

Technology Pavan Pandey - Jan 10, 2017

South Korean international company Samsung’s subsidiary, SDI Co. Ltd, announced a new battery cell specially designed for use in EV (electric vehicles).

pokemon go not licensed in china due to potential security risks

Pokémon Go not licensed in China due to potential security risks

Technology Himanshu Gill - Jan 10, 2017

Nintendo’s super hit smartphone app, Pokémon Go, is unlikely to be rolled out in China as the state sensor board has refused to license them under potential security threats.

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