japan export growth declines in november

Japan export growth declines in November

Economy Mohit Shah - Dec 19, 2018

Japan has been facing serious economic turmoil with export growth deteriorating in November as a result of trade-war risks cloud the outlook.

germany economy slips precipitously since 2015

Germany economy slips precipitously since 2015

Economy Mohit Shah - Nov 15, 2018

Germany's economy crashed hard in the third quarter, with prominent distress from car makers and strong tussles associated to trade rules weakening exports.

europe stocks crash to their lowest mark in 20 months

Europe stocks crash to their lowest mark in 20 months

Economy Mohit Shah - Oct 11, 2018

European stocks dropped abruptly in morning trade after worries involving a trade war together with higher US bond yields motivating concern among global investors.

asia stocks stepdown at 17 month low due to trade war concerns

Asia stocks stepdown at 17-month low due to trade war concerns

Economy Mohit Shah - Oct 09, 2018

Asian shares drop 17-month lows as recorded on Tuesday since China permitted its currency to slip amid severe losses in domestic share markets.

chinas industrial  output declined–below may expectations

China’s industrial output declined below May expectations

Economy Mohit Shah - Jun 18, 2018

As per statistics gathered last Thursday, China's industrial output produced 6.8 percent in May as compared to a year earlier, missing expectations, whereas fixed-asset investment growth decelerat

us consumer spending swells more than expected in april

U.S. consumer spending swells more than expected in April

Economy Mohit Shah - Jun 01, 2018

According to the Commerce Department, U.S. consumer spending rose more than expected in April; personal spending grew strongly by 0.6 percent from the expected value of 0.4 percent.

uks post brexit economy plan framed by ministers

U.K’s post-Brexit economy plan framed by Ministers

Economy Mohit Shah - Nov 28, 2017

On Monday, Britain pitched a new strategy related to its industrial setup which focuses on greater state intervention for handling weak productivity.

russia offers debt relief to monetarily burdened venezuela

Russia offers debt relief to monetarily-burdened Venezuela

Economy Mohit Shah - Nov 16, 2017

Russia has actively agreed to streamline $3.15bn (£2.4bn) in debt associated with Venezuela, offering a significant aid to the financially chained country.

asian shares hit 21 month highs while dollar weakens

Asian shares hit 21-month highs, while dollar weakens

Economy Nikhil S - Mar 21, 2017

On Tuesday, Asian shares saw 21-month highs while the U.S. bond and dollar results were low based on the prospect of a less aggressive than earlier foreseen Federal Reserve policy track.

uks low interest rates hurt productivity says boes economist

UK’s low interest rates hurt productivity, says BoE’s economist

Economy Poorva Sundriyal - Mar 21, 2017

Ultra low interest rate has taken over the productivity in the UK but is the price worth paying to curb higher unemployment, says economist Andy Haldane. 

president trump first month added 235000 jobs in the us economy

President Trump’s first month added 235,000 jobs in the US economy

Economy Vinay Mishra - Mar 11, 2017

First full month of Trump administration’s saw unemployment fell to 4.7% from 4.8% as Trump tries to fulfill his electoral promise of adding 25 million jobs over 10 years.

brazil worst recession deepens in the last quarter of 2016

Brazil’s worst recession deepens in the last quarter of 2016

Economy Mohit Shah - Mar 08, 2017

According to statistics agency IBGE, the gross domestic product of the South American nation contracted by 3.6 percent last year. These figures were followed by a 3.8 percent drop which was recorded i

reserve bank of australia keeps rates of hold

Reserve Bank of Australia keeps rates of hold

Economy Mohit Shah - Mar 07, 2017

On Tuesday, the Reserve Bank of Australia held rates at 1.50 percent, which is reported as a record low value. The bank also signaled that economic conditions were levelled with its growth targets and

uk economy begins to lose momentum due to service sector dip

UK economy begins to lose momentum due to service sector dip

Economy Mohit Shah - Mar 07, 2017

In February, slower consumer spending hampered the service companies that has started to pour a negative effect on the UK economy which unexpectedly grew strong after June’s Brexit vote.

china indicates change in its long standing yuan policy

China indicates change in its long-standing yuan policy

Economy Mohit Shah - Mar 06, 2017

China has signaled it may alter its course centered at exchange rates due to pressure from the rising US Federal Reserve rate and threats from Donald Trump regarding a trade war.

eurozone inflation reaches well above european central banks target

Eurozone inflation reaches well above European Central Bank’s target

Economy Mohit Shah - Mar 03, 2017

Eurozone inflation has hit its highest level in the last four years climbing higher than the rate targeted by the European Central Bank; ECB policies fall under the scanner.

bitcoin value surpasses gold for the first time ever

Bitcoin value surpasses gold for the first time ever

Economy Mohit Shah - Mar 03, 2017

The value of the volatile digital currency moved upwards reaching a landmark which has surprised the global economic sector. A single unit of Bitcoin has surpassed the value of an ounce of gold.

australias economy jumps sharply in the last quarter of 2016

Australia’s economy jumps sharply in the last quarter of 2016

Economy Mohit Shah - Mar 01, 2017

Australia's economy recovered sharply in the fourth quarter, extending the 25-year recession-free streak for the blessed nation. As per statistics, the fourth-quarter GDP rose 1.1 percent.

ukip urges 80 percent cut in annual spending

UKIP urges 80% cut in annual spending

Economy Mohit Shah - Feb 17, 2017

UKIP has requested for an 80% cut in the foreign aid budget along with the money which should be spent wisely on domestic services.

brexit leading to uk labor shortage says survey

Brexit leading to UK labor shortage, says survey

Economy Mohit Shah - Feb 14, 2017

According to a new survey, the effects of Brexit are forcing non-U.K. nationals exit Britain, provoking fears of labor shortage. 

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