lufthansa in deep trouble after the pilot strike extends

Lufthansa takes flack, after pilots decide to extend strike

Company Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

The German flagship airline, Lufthansa cancelled 900 of its 912 flights this Wednesday, when the airline’s pilots went on a full rolling ‘strike mode’. The strike which caused discom

southern rail strike latest walkout by rmt union members

Southern Rail Strike: Latest walkout by RMT union members

Company Pavan Pandey - Nov 30, 2016

The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) started a 48-hour strike from Tuesday midnight. This fresh strike is part of a long-running dispute over the role of conductors in trai

boeing co appointed ge kevin mcallister as new commercial ceo

Boeing Co. appointed GE Kevin McAllister as the new commercial CEO

Company Pavan Pandey - Nov 30, 2016

According to the aircraft manufacturing company, it hired General Electric aviation president and Chief executive officer Kevin McAllister, who has been with GE aviation unit for almost three decades.

ctrip buys skyscanner for 14 billion pounds

China’s Ctrip buys Skyscanner for $1.75 billion

Company Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

China’s online travelling giant,Ctrip, bought Skyscanner for about £1,4bn ($1.75bn). Skyscanner is a UK-based travel search business, which has its headquarters in Edinburgh. The firm is a

twitter suspends ceo jack dorseys account by mistake

Twitter suspends CEO Jack Dorsey’s own account by mistake

Company Pavan Pandey - Nov 30, 2016

The Twitter account of Mr. Jack Dorsey was suspended for almost half an hour before it was again reinstated. Later, he posted a tweet on his account in which he called the suspension as an internal mi

microsoft offers software and hardware concessions to win eu approval for its 26 billion dollar linkedin deal

Microsoft offers software and hardware concessions to win EU approval for its $26 billion LinkedIn deal

Company Himanshu Gill - Nov 23, 2016

Microsoft announced in June this year that it has signed an agreement with LinkedIn under which it would acquire the professional social network for an all cash value of $26.2 billion. The deal would

lufthansa forced to cancel over 900 flights due to pilot unions strike

Lufthansa forced to cancel over 900 flights due to pilot union’s strike

Company Himanshu Gill - Nov 23, 2016

The pilot union, also termed as Vereinigung Cockpit, has planned on a 48 hour walkout due to a long running pay dispute causing a disruption to the airlines’ operations. The union announced in a

la 2016 jaguar took 60 years to build the iconic xkss

Jaguar reveals its iconic supercar XKSS in LA Auto Show 2016

Company Pavan Pandey - Nov 23, 2016

In the upcoming LA Auto Show, Jaguar will serve its blueprint for the nine series production models that will be finalized next year. Earlier this year, the popular automobile company declared that it

facebook to hire 500 new employees in london headquarters next year

Facebook to hire 500 new employees next year for London headquarters

Company Himanshu Gill - Nov 22, 2016

The total number of employees would stand around 1500 at its new headquarters in Fitzovia, situated close to the West End of London. This site is under construction at the moment.

apple in deep trouble after 6 touch disease and 6s battery fever

After iPhone 6 plus series’ ‘touch disease’, 6s gets ‘battery fever’

Company Akanksha Singh - Nov 22, 2016

People looked up with starry eyes when Apple launched its ‘slimmer, sexier and bigger’ iPhone 6 plus, the iOS 9 powered gadget was every tech lover’s dream. A year later, we starry e

jpmorgan to pay over 250 dollar million in china hiring probe

JPMorgan to pay over $250 million in China hiring probe

Company Himanshu Gill - Nov 18, 2016

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) started investigating JPMorgan’s hiring three years ago in 2013. At the same time, Justice Department also opened a parallel investigation against

snap inc files for 25 million dollar ipo

Snap Inc. files for a $25 billion IPO

Company Akanksha Singh - Nov 18, 2016

Snapchat’s Snap Inc. has confidently submitted the paperwork for an Initial Public Offering, as reported by Reuters. Snap Inc. aims at being a publicly traded company; since the IPO, which is es

samsung offices raided in political corruption probe

Samsung offices raided in Political Corruption Probe

Company Himanshu Gill - Nov 14, 2016

Samsung, world’s leading manufacturer of smartphones and household electronics is under allegations that it gave money to the daughter of Choi Soon-Sil, a close friend to the president. Ms. Choi

cognizant in deeper trouble as it faces two more lawsuits in us

Cognizant in deeper trouble as it faces two more lawsuits in US

Company Himanshu Gill - Nov 11, 2016

Holzer & Holzer, LLC, an Atlanta based law firm has alleged that Cognizant has made inappropriate payments to gain building licenses and permits in India. Glancy Prongay and Murray, a law firm fro

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