bbc trois tgt kick stats with a holy trinity faceoff

Holy Trinity kick starts “The Grand Tour”

Automotive Akanksha Singh - Nov 23, 2016

Icing of the very tasty cake being the “holy trinity.” No, not the three very talented presenters James, Jeremy and Richard, but three of the most coveted and yearned for vehicles ever, Po

ford mustang 2018 leaked information

Leaked information of Ford’s new Mustang is the only talk of town

Automotive Akanksha Singh - Nov 22, 2016

Leaked pictures of the new Mustang by Ford, set to release in 2018, have been surfacing the internet recently and people are busy making speculation after speculation. The Ford Mustang 2018, is appare

jaguar introduces ipace new concept electric car

Jaguar pulls up its sleeves in the electric market

Automotive Akanksha Singh - Nov 22, 2016

Electric cars are no more a mere concept, the demand of electric cars has doubled over the past few years. Tesla has been looked up as the company with total overall monopoly in the industry, but the

volkswagen to cut 30000 jobs by 2020 to surge profits

Volkswagen to cut 30,000 jobs by 2020 to surge profits

Automotive Himanshu Gill - Nov 21, 2016

Europe’s biggest car maker said that it wants to reduce costs and prioritize investment in electronic vehicles, for which the company will reduce its workforce by 5% until 2020. However, as per

mazda to recall around 70000 cars affected by a fuel pump fault

Mazda to recall around 70,000 cars affected by a fuel pump fault

Automotive Mohit Shah - Nov 18, 2016

This automobile company is quite renowned for its sports cars that are famous worldwide. Mazda has issued a recall for RX-8s in the United States with model years 2004-2008. The fuel system is the pri

toyota to pay 3 billion to settle class action lawsuit in us

Toyota to pay $3.4 billion to settle Class Action Lawsuit in U.S

Automotive Himanshu Gill - Nov 15, 2016

The lawsuit was filed by owners of Toyota pick-up trucks and SUVs who complained that the frames of their vehicles had no proper protection from rust. This agreement covers over 1.5 million Toyota veh

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