gm to shift plant from canada to mexico cutting 625 jobs

GM to shift plant from Canada to Mexico, cutting 625 jobs

Automotive Himanshu Gill - Jan 28, 2017

US-based automotive giant General Motors has revealed that it will cut 625 jobs at its Canadian assembly point in Ontario, by shifting its production to Mexico.

german prosecutors expand volkswagen emissions probe

German prosecutors expand Volkswagen emissions probe

Automotive Mohit Shah - Jan 28, 2017

On Friday, prosecutors in Germany said they are escalating their probes in the diesel car emissions scandal focused around automotive car giant, Volkswagen.

ford to pay 9000 profit share bonus to us hourly workers after a solid 2016

Ford to pay $9,000 profit-share bonus to US hourly workers after a solid 2016

Automotive Himanshu Gill - Jan 27, 2017

US-based automobile giant Ford announced its annual pre-tax profit for 2016 at $10.4 billion – the company’s second highest profit till date.

tesla motors inc sues former executive of autopilot system

Tesla Motors Inc. Sues Former Executive of Autopilot System

Automotive Pavan Pandey - Jan 27, 2017

Tesla is set to charge its former chief of Autopilot System for stealing firm information and hiring Tesla staffs for a rival startup while still employed by the automaker.

ford will offer auto parts for non ford and non lincoln vehicles

Ford Will Offer Auto Parts for Non-Ford and Non-Lincoln Vehicles

Automotive Pavan Pandey - Jan 25, 2017

Ford Motor Co. is increasing its customer service division with a new Omnicraft brand of aftermarket parts to cover non-Lincoln and non-Ford automobiles.

ford south africa recalls kugas due to fire complaints

Ford South Africa recalls Kugas due to fire complaints

Automotive Mohit Shah - Jan 17, 2017

Popular US car manufacturer, Ford, has recalled more than 4,500 Kugas model in South Africa as a safety measure after several dozens of them caught fire, as noted since 2015.

donald trump threatens bmw of a 35 percent border tax

Donald Trump threatens BMW of a 35 percent border tax

Automotive Himanshu Gill - Jan 16, 2017

US President-elect Donald Trump has warned that he will impose a border tax of 35 percent on the cars that BMW will manufacture in its new plant in Mexico.

fiat charged over emissions software

Fiat charged over emissions software

Automotive Mohit Shah - Jan 13, 2017

Fiat Chrysler has been accused of hiding information from authorities regarding the software which regulates emissions in its diesel vehicles. 

volkswagen agrees to pay 43bn as settlement for emissions cheat

Volkswagen agrees to pay $4.3bn as settlement for emissions cheat

Automotive Mohit Shah - Jan 11, 2017

The agreement is yet to be finalized and approved by VW's management as well as the supervisory board; it is expected that a solid confirmation would be announced on Wednesday.

volkswagen ag to recall almost 50000 automobiles in china

Volkswagen AG to Recall Almost 50,000 Automobiles in China

Automotive Pavan Pandey - Jan 09, 2017

The automotive manufacturing company, Volkswagen Group, will recall almost 50000 vehicles in China due to brake design defects starting next month, as per state media stated today.

bmw committed on mexico plant despite trumps threats

BMW committed on Mexico plant despite Trump’s threats

Automotive Himanshu Gill - Jan 09, 2017

German carmaker BMW has reaffirmed its commitment to setting up a new production plant in Mexico, despite the threat of Donald Trump’s big border taxes.

jaguar land rover records highest sales ever in 2016

Jaguar Land Rover records highest sales ever in 2016

Automotive Himanshu Gill - Jan 09, 2017

Britain’s biggest car-maker Jaguar Land Rover cars (JLR) sold a record 583,312 cars in 2016, registering a 20 percent rise than the previous year.

1 billion investment by fiat in michigan and ohio plants

$1 billion investment by Fiat in Michigan and Ohio plants

Automotive Mohit Shah - Jan 09, 2017

On Sunday, the U.S. wing of automaker Fiat-Chrysler, FCA, declared to invest $1 billion in plants located in Ohio and Michigan; this effort will lead to 2000 new jobs.

audi to use nvidia tech as it plans to bring autonomous cars to market by 2020

Audi to use Nvidia Tech as it plans to bring Autonomous cars to Market by 2020

Automotive Himanshu Gill - Jan 06, 2017

German automaker Audi has revealed that it will use US chipmaker Nvidia’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform for making autonomous cars that it plans to bring on road by 2020.

gms cadillac to start car subscription service at 1500 a month

GM's Cadillac to start car subscription service at $1500 a month

Automotive Himanshu Gill - Jan 06, 2017

General Motors has announced that it will begin a $1500 per month service to rent Cadillac cars and SUVs in New York and hopes to expand the service soon.

vw ready to kick start 2017 with comeback hopes

VW ready to kick-start 2017 with comeback hopes

Automotive Mohit Shah - Jan 04, 2017

The company is planning to forget its mistakes and disappointments of the previous year to move forward on the road to success.   

ford scraps mexicos 16bn dollars plan will spend 700m dollar at michigan factory

Ford Scraps Mexico’s $1.6bn Plan, Will Spend $700m At Michigan Factory

Automotive Pavan Pandey - Jan 04, 2017

Popular US car maker Ford Motor Co. will cancel its $1.6bn plan to build the Mexico plant and would extend operations at its Michigan factory.

tesla extends its free unlimited supercharging offer until january 15

Tesla extends its free unlimited Supercharging offer until January 15

Automotive Himanshu Gill - Jan 02, 2017

Electric car maker Tesla Motors has extended the deadline for free unlimited Supercharging for all Model S and X vehicles ordered on or before January 15.

hyundai kia motors set their combined sales target for 2017

Hyundai, Kia Motors Set Their Combined Sales Target For 2017

Automotive Pavan Pandey - Jan 02, 2017

South Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai and its affiliate Kia Motors said in a statement, they aim to increase their combined sales to 8.25 million cars globally in 2017.

porsche recalls nearly 300 units of 918 spyder sports car

Porsche recalls nearly 300 units of 918 Spyder Sports Car

Automotive Pavan Pandey - Dec 30, 2016

The German automobile manufacturer, Porsche AG, has recalled over 300 units of its ‘2-door roadster body style’ 918 Spyder sports car over suspension issue.

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