improved sales of electric vehicles increases the demand for charging stations

Improved sales of electric vehicles increases the demand for charging stations

Automotive Mohit Shah - Jul 10, 2017

The global electric vehicle charging station market is anticipated to showcase an exponential CAGR of 30.8% during the period between 2017 and 2025. 

aesthetic appeal for vehicles drives the automotive interior leather market

Aesthetic appeal for vehicles drives the automotive interior leather market

Automotive Mohit Shah - May 31, 2017

The need for maximum comfort and riding pleasure while driving a vehicle pushes the market for automotive interior leather on the global scale. 

demand for two wheeler upside down fork grows with high speed applications

Demand for two-wheeler upside down fork grows with high-speed applications

Automotive Mohit Shah - May 26, 2017

As per statistics, the global two-wheeler upside down forks market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 6.12% during the coming years.

industrial and commercial hybrid vehicles seen as a fuel efficient option

Industrial and commercial hybrid vehicles seen as a fuel efficient option

Automotive Mohit Shah - May 10, 2017

With the present rise in energy and oil prices, the need for hybrid vehicles has significantly grown on the global level as a suitable alternative.

toyota plans to invest euro 240m in uk plant located at burnaston

Toyota plans to invest £240m in UK plant located at Burnaston

Automotive Mohit Shah - Mar 16, 2017

The global automaker, Toyota, would be soon upgrading its UK plant which manufactures the Avensis and Auris models with a whopping investment of £240m.

fords lincoln to build new suv in china by the end of 2019

Ford’s Lincoln to Build New SUV in China by the End of 2019

Automotive Pavan Pandey - Mar 14, 2017

Mr. Deep, the spokesperson from Lincoln, said the automaker will partner with a Chinese manufacturer, Changan Automobile Group, in the joint venture to manufacture new SUVs.

volkswagen tata motors signs mou to explore cooperation in india and abroad

Volkswagen-Tata Motors signs MoU to explore cooperation in India and abroad

Automotive Vinay Mishra - Mar 11, 2017

The MoU aims to achieve sustainable & profitable growth and jointly manufacture auto parts and vehicles for the Indian subcontinent and beyond.

rolls royce uses 1000 diamonds to paint its ghost elegance

Rolls-Royce Uses 1000 Diamonds to Paint its Ghost Elegance

Automotive Pavan Pandey - Mar 11, 2017

During 2017 Geneva Auto Show, the British car manufacturer, Rolls-Royce Limited, presented its new model, the Elegance.

psa group to acquire opel from gm in 23 billion dollars deal

PSA Group to Acquire Opel from GM in $2.3 Billion Deal

Automotive Pavan Pandey - Mar 06, 2017

French automobile manufacturer, PSA Group, has agreed to purchase General Motors’ European Unit, Opel AG and Vauxhall in a deal valued at $2.3billion (€2.2 billion).

100 percent tariff on us made motorcycles harley davidson reach out to white house

100% tariff on U.S. made Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Automotive Vinay Mishra - Mar 02, 2017

India charges a tariff of 100% on U.S. made motorcycles that is a big competitive disadvantage for Harley-Davidson as sales rose 30% in the last two years.

chargepoint plans expansion of ev network in europe after record fundraise

ChargePoint plans expansion of EV network in Europe after record fundraise

Automotive Mohit Shah - Mar 02, 2017

Electric vehicle (EV) charging network, ChargePoint, is set to expand in Europe as it is raising $100 million in a funding round managed by German automaker Daimler.

teslas market cap is catching up with fords

Tesla set to catch up with Ford in terms of market capitalization

Automotive Mohit Shah - Feb 25, 2017

Tesla’s market cap is worth $44.6 billion, while Ford’s is at $49.9 billion and Tesla is all set to overtake 114 years old company; the company aims further growth in the upcoming years.

vw caps executive pay squeezes bonus eligibility

VW caps executive pay, squeezes bonus eligibility

Automotive Mohit Shah - Feb 25, 2017

According to an announcement made on Friday, German automaker Volkswagen said it would limit the executive pay following the diesel scandal.

volkswagen becomes worlds largest automobile manufacturer in 2016

Volkswagen becomes world’s largest automobile manufacturer in 2016

Automotive Mohit Shah - Feb 22, 2017

Despite the diesel emission scandal and dwindling demand in the US, Volkswagen sold 10.31 million cars in 2016. 

minister encounters peugeot and french government regarding vauxhall deal

Minister encounters Peugeot and French government regarding Vauxhall deal

Automotive Mohit Shah - Feb 17, 2017

Business secretary Greg Clark met Peugeot executives as well as the French government as part of the efforts to safeguard thousands of British jobs after the Vauxhall deal.

lamborghini recalled 4 million dollars supercars

Lamborghini recalled $4 million supercars

Automotive Pavan Pandey - Feb 16, 2017

Automobili Lamborghini SpA, the legendary Italian automobile manufacturer, is recalling thousands of supercars including Veneno (ultra-rare model), because of a fire risk.

vauxhall peugeot deal germany and uk raise concerns

Vauxhall-Peugeot Deal: Germany and UK raise concerns

Automotive Mohit Shah - Feb 16, 2017

The governmental authorities of UK and Germany are seeking to defend jobs in the potential collaboration of the Peugeot and Vauxhall carmakers.

toyota motor corp will recall all of its 2800 hydrogen fueled car mirai

Toyota Motor Corp. will recall all of its 2800 Hydrogen-fueled Car Mirai

Automotive Pavan Pandey - Feb 15, 2017

Japanese automotive manufacturer, Toyota Motor Corporation has made an announcement to recall its globally sold hydrogen-fueled car Mirai, due to output voltage issues.

south korean court finds nissan guilty of using defeat devices

South Korean Court finds Nissan Guilty of Using Defeat Devices

Automotive Pavan Pandey - Feb 10, 2017

According to a South Korean court, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd has been found guilty of using a 'defeat device' on its 1.6-litre diesel engine Qashqai SUV sold in South Korea.

tesla stocks rose after company announces pausing factory for model 3 development

Tesla stocks rose after company announces pausing factory for Model 3 development

Automotive Mohit Shah - Feb 10, 2017

The action is a clear sign that the firm is on track with the expansion on the much-anticipated car, which is slated to go into bulk production later this year.

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