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Akanksha is a passionate writer of 20, who works with Industry News Analysis. She is quirky, insane, and a smart mouthed person; a feminist at heart, she speaks her mind. An ardent believer in ‘practice what you preach’, she likes to write about and for- women, the world, food, politics and everything that there is; ready to take on the world with her ‘witty-written-words’.

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trump to scrap nafta

Trump plans to scrape NAFTA within 200 days of office

Economy Akanksha Singh - Dec 05, 2016

US President elect Donald Trump’s pledge to scrap old trade agreements with Mexico and China, dropping the Mexican government in a fit. Trump in his ‘Transition Memo’ clearly stated

euro slips amidst italian referendum

Euro slips amidst Italy’s constitutional referendum

Economy Akanksha Singh - Dec 05, 2016

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced on Monday, that he is resigning from the office of Italy’s Prime Minister, after his brainchild, the constitutional reform was rejected by most of the Itali

shenzhen hongkong stock connect makes its much awaited debut

China kick-starts the Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock connect

Market Akanksha Singh - Dec 05, 2016

Looked upon as China’s effort to expand its $6.5 trillion equity market and bring in international investments, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock market connect made it’s much awaited debut thi

italian prime minister to resign after the referendums defeat

Italy’s PM Renzi to quit after the referendum blasphemy

World Akanksha Singh - Dec 05, 2016

The Italian Constitutional Referendum, which was formally set to decide whether Italy should make amends to its 1948 constitution, ended up deciding the fate of the Italian government. The referendum

us economy gains speed despite stock standstill

American economy gains pace

Economy Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

Amidst all the speculation and crass talk about how the U.S. market was at a standstill during the election and would face heavy losses in future, the U.S. economy surprised the critics after it grew

venezuelan currency meltdown

Venezuela’s currency continues on its rapid demise

Economy Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

In November, the Venezuelan currency stumbled by 55% and it appears to be continuing towards the same decline, just more rapidly. Venezuelan inflation is one of the most recent signs of the country&rs

san francisco rail hacker unraveled

San Francisco’s Rail System Hacker Unraveled

Technology Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

On Friday, San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) was hacked by a ransomware, computers on almost all of SFMTA’s Municipal Rail system (Muni’s) terminals were hacked

green party files for a recount in wisconsin

Green Party requests for a Wisconsin recount

World Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

This Friday, Green Party officials filed for a “reconciliation of paper records” in the state of Wisconsin, following the reports of voting discrepancies. Jill Stein, Green Party’s p

global markets soar amidst black friday

Black Friday: Global markets soar, gains all around

Market Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

Black Friday, is almost a universal phenomenon, it is the high that the global markets, online sites, retailers, and business corporations get because of holiday spree shopping. Come winters and all p

intel rsc and the imaginarium create a life like digital reimagined character

Intel to bring Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ to life with ‘digital reimagination’

Technology Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

Following a year of research, the three firms are ready to bring the technical miracle to stage, the avatar features 336 joints which are equivalent to the number of joints in a human body, which woul

indian economy falters after the cash crunch

Crash Crunch can make India “not” the fastest growing economy

Economy Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

India took over China’s place as the fastest growing major economy this year, but might fall short of its promise of a 7.1% GDP growth rate after the ban of its ‘big’ currency notes.

austin reed all set to make a flashy comeback

Austin Reed set for a flashy comeback

Company Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

It’s been months since the men’s wear brand, Austin Reed, was forced to shut their 120 stores this summer after the company failed to find a buyer for their entire business. Founded way ba

democrats are being called on for a recount

Supporters call for a Vote recount in major areas

World Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

After the decisive loss of the US elections 2016 mainly because of tough competition in key states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton’s supporters call for a recount. Dem

lufthansa in deep trouble after the pilot strike extends

Lufthansa takes flack, after pilots decide to extend strike

Company Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

The German flagship airline, Lufthansa cancelled 900 of its 912 flights this Wednesday, when the airline’s pilots went on a full rolling ‘strike mode’. The strike which caused discom

ctrip buys skyscanner for 14 billion pounds

China’s Ctrip buys Skyscanner for $1.75 billion

Company Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

China’s online travelling giant,Ctrip, bought Skyscanner for about £1,4bn ($1.75bn). Skyscanner is a UK-based travel search business, which has its headquarters in Edinburgh. The firm is a

iphone might bring back the razor

Apple trying to bring back the bygone days of foldable phones?

Technology Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

Apple (AAPL, Tech 30) has recently been granted a patent for a “flexible display device” that could fold into half. Though, Apple does file patents for technology that is never heard of, o

facebook to design a censorship friendly tool for china

Facebook to build a censorship friendly tool for China

Technology Akanksha Singh - Nov 30, 2016

According to various reports circulating the web, Facebook is busy making a software that could accommodate censorship demands in China. Though, the social networking giant refused to comment; declini

japan and south korea sign an intelligence sharing pact

Japan and South-Korea sign an intelligence agreement ‘GSOMIA’

World Akanksha Singh - Nov 23, 2016

South Korean president Park Geun-hye approved the much debated GSOMIA, General Security of Military Information Agreement pact with Japan. The pact is aimed at sharing information and countering the N

donald trump disavows the alt right movement

Trump disavows the alt-right movement

World Akanksha Singh - Nov 23, 2016

In a recent interview with the New-York Times, President elect Donald Trump denied allegations of supporting the alt-right movement; he also expressed his disappointment in people who are relating his

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