Probiotic Cosmetic Products Market to Observe Growth in Increased Demand for Natural Products

World - Akanksha Singh - Jul 07,2020

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probiotic cosmetic products market to observe growth in increased demand for natural products

Probiotics refer to microorganisms occurring naturally on and within the body, thereby leaving considerable impact in the health of the skin and overall appearance. Probiotics are not new in the food and supplement world, utilization of probiotics in the skincare industry is rapidly coming up as a fascinating and emerging aspect of the probiotics. The increasing utilization of probiotics as a main ingredient in products that are meant to treat various skin conditions, such as blemishes, wrinkles, and acne is expected to propel expansion of the global probiotic cosmetic products market.

In addition, amongst various consumers, there has been a rise in demand for natural cosmetics. Natural cosmetics have gained substantial popularity amongst the millennials who are now more aware about the effectiveness and clinical evidences suggesting their usefulness. In addition, growth of the wellness industry is directly proportionate to the growth of the global probiotic cosmetic products market. Augmented consciousness about the hair, skin, wellness, health, and overall appearance is estimated to drive the demand for probiotic cosmetic products in the years to come.

Some of the leading companies profiled in the global probiotic cosmetic products market comprise names like The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Aurelia Skincare Ltd., The Procter & Gamble Co., Johnson & Johnson, Unilever Group, and The Clorox Co. The probiotic cosmetic products market is estimated to be highly competitive, thanks to the presence of many small and medium-sized enterprises.

Covid-19 to Spell Hold Back Market Growth For Few Months to Come

In the last few years, rise in the demand for multi-functional beauty products, which allows consumers to derive optimum value through use of one single product. This factor is estimated to augur well for the development of the global probiotic cosmetic products market in the years to come.

There has been a rise in the demand for specialized solutions, which comprises probiotic hair care products for people with concerns for scalp and hair-related problems. In addition to younger population, such products have garnered the attention of older people as well. They are more interested in buying various products like serums, hair growth oils, and hair dyes due to the presence of several problems like hair fall (alopecia), itching, and greying of hair. Consumers across the globe are relentlessly looking for various hair care products, such as pure organics like probiotics. Innovation in hair care products is estimated open up new avenues of revenue generation for the global probiotic cosmetic products market.

With the outbreak of coronavirus across the globe, the global probiotic cosmetic products market is expected to witness a setback in the coming few months. Lockdowns across various countries in the world has led to shutdown of various retail outlets, which is likely to affect the sales of cosmetic products adversely worldwide. Self-isolation, social distancing has reduced the number of customers visiting such stores drastically. This factor has further reduced the sale of cosmetic products.

North America is likely to be Remain at the Forefront of Market Growth

In the global probiotic cosmetic products market, North America is expected to experience a surge in the number of people opting for healthy lifestyles. This trend is supported by the augmented demand for products that would leave a little or no impact on the environment. In addition, a rise in the acceptance of probiotic products in new forms, such as cosmetics is estimated to drive the global probiotic cosmetic products market in North America.