Honda announces to recall about 1 million automobiles in U.S due to faulty Takata airbags

Company - Mohit Shah - Mar 29,2019

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honda announces to recall about one million automobiles in us due to faulty takata airbags

The Japanese carmaker, Honda, stated to recall close to 1.1 million Honda and Acura vehicles across the United States for replacing flawed Takata airbags present on driver’s side.

According to Honda, the company was aware of one injury which occurred due to the defect which might have triggered the airbag to rupture at the time of the crash.

Each of recalled vehicles was earlier repaired via specific Takata desiccated spare inflators (PSDI-5D), or the entire auxiliary airbag modules that consisted these inflators.

Honda mentioned that free repairs for the recalled cars will initiate immediately in the U.S with replacement parts developed by alternate suppliers.

Presently, the overall count of recalled inflators has reached close to 21 million that includes 12.9 million Honda and Acura vehicles.

In 2018, different automakers across the United States restored more than 7.2 million faulty Takata airbag inflators. This issue has alarmed companies to revamp efforts in spotting parts that need replacement.