Airlines caution on cancellations since Boeing organizes software repair for 737 MAX planes

Company - Mohit Shah - Mar 29,2019

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airlines caution on cancellations since boeing organizes software repair for 737 max

Flight cancellations by airlines might be extended as Boeing repairs software fix for its 737 MAX planes succeeding two deadly aircraft crashes which provoked regulators all around the globe.

The U.S. government has ordered different airlines to overhang flights that use Boeing 737 MAX plane. This decision is further joined by several other countries due to concerns linking parallels between the March 10 crash of Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX as well as the Lion Air crash which occurred in October leading to a total of 346 people getting killed.

Boeing issued a statement which invited 200 plus airline pilots along with regulators to Renton. This meeting was focused at sharing “more details about our plan for supporting the safe return of the 737 MAX to commercial service.”

On the other hand, the Federal Aviation Administration believes to analyze the software that is believed to cause significant hindrance in the functioning of the troubled aircraft. The concerned agency will have to certify Boeing’s modifications 737 MAX can be added back to the fleet.

Although Boeing 737 MAX planes cover a small share of their offered fleets, there are several airlines which are making provisions to cancel more flights while the disturbed aircraft remain stranded.

It has been revealed that American Airlines that has 24 of the 737 MAX planes present in its fleet, might cancel 90 flights a day as a result of the grounding.

There are certain airlines which are even aiming to curb 737 MAX planes for a longer duration. Air Canada mentioned last week it might rearrange its fleet with the removal of Boeing 737 MAX until July.