Nestle and Epic pull down ads on YouTube over abuse assertions

Company - Mohit Shah - Feb 22,2019

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nestle and epic pull down ads on youtube over abuse assertions

Global food giant, Nestle, along with many other renowned companies have removed their adverts from YouTube after claims that they appear adjacent to offensive content.

This action came as a reciprocation after a vlogger blamed YouTube of not stopping a "soft-core paedophilia ring" that is active on its platform.

According to the vlogger, the firm made it convenient to search videos comprising young girls, despite the fact that comments clearly highlighted viewers were looking at the videos with a sexualizing perspective.

Immediate actions were taken by YouTube to delete such upsetting accounts.

A spokeswoman at Nestle said the company has planned to "pause" adverts on YouTube at the global scale until the issue is fully investigated.

She said, "We will revise our decision upon completion of current measures being taken ... to ensure Nestlé advertising standards are met".

Interestingly, the makers of the video game, Fortnite, Epic Games also quoted they have halted their ads on the video streaming platform.

As per a statement issued by YouTube, it was underlined that any content which endangers minors is objectionable and the company follows clear policies barring it on their platform.

This is not the first time YouTube has been troubled by such a problem. In 2017, the famous video streaming company apologized for adverts from companies like Marks & Spencer and Audi, which flashed next to videos from factions of extremist groups.