Cyber-attack interrupts circulation of several US newspapers

Market - Mohit Shah - Jan 02,2019

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cyber attack interrupts circulation of several us newspapers

On Saturday, it was reported that several US newspapers experienced major printing as well as delivery commotions as a result of a significant cyber-attack.

It appeared that the attack on Saturday originated outside the United States, according to the Los Angeles Times. The result of this cyber-attack caused distribution interruptions in the Saturday edition of the Tribune, the Times, the Sun along with other newspapers which are part of the print media platform in Los Angeles.

It was later learned that West Coast editions of the Wall Street Journal as well as The New York Times that share a common production platform across Los Angeles, were included in the list of affected companies.

Marisa Kollias, Tribune Publishing spokeswoman, said that the virus hit the back-office systems which were used to publish and deliver “newspapers across our properties”.

Further, Kollias added that evidence concerning the compromise of customer credit card information or personally identifiable information is nil.

Statement from Katie Waldman, a spokeswoman at Department of Homeland Security did confirm the cyber-attack, as she said the authorities are working with the government as well as industry partners to assess the situation.

On the other hand, representatives at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were not accessible for comment.