Airbnb penalized in West Bank settlements

Company - Mohit Shah - Nov 27,2018

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airbnb penalized in west bank settlements

Airbnb, a popular holiday homes rental firm, has been sued by a prominent law firm situated in Jerusalem due to its delisting of settlements concerning West Bank.

The lawsuit accuses Airbnb of being discriminant against Israelis, since it maintains to list holiday accommodations in places considered engaged in other geopolitical locations, as Northern Cyprus and Tibet.

It is mentioned as "grave and outrageous" by Airbnb for such type of inequity.

Airbnb responded to this legal action and said the move was taken because it noticed settlements as "core" with due focus on the Israeli-Palestinian clash.

Israel's tourism minister has criticized the firm's stroke against Jewish settlements and called it "shameful". Moreover, it is expected that Israeli authorities would back lawful trials against it.

On the other hand, the act which highlights 200 listings, has been majorly applauded by Palestinians.

As per the international law, Jewish settlements across the territory acquired by Israel in 1967 are tagged illegal, although Israel has kept its disagreement active through all these years.

Close to 140 settlements are present in the West Bank which manages a population count exceeding 600,000 Jews.