Facebook delivers Oculus update in an attempt to boost VR popularity

Technology - Mohit Shah - Sep 28,2018

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facebook delivers oculus update in an attempt to boost vr popularity

The social media giant, Facebook, announces Oculus Quest which permits members to virtually visit each other through customized avatars.

On Wednesday, Facebook unveiled its upgraded Oculus virtual reality headset that holds the capability to handle serious graphics.

The wire-free experience is one of the primary add-ons which has been offered in Oculus Quest. The social media firm showcased the new VR headset at its developer conference.

In the recent past, industry analysts had warned of diminishing sales of VR devices, and as a response, Facebook has taken an initiative to pump up the market with the announcement of Oculus Quest.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said the device would deliver almost all forms of VR experiences which previously demanded the device to be linked to a high-powered computer system.

The release date for Oculus Quest is somewhere in Spring 2019; this VR product would be offered for a priced of $399.

As per Oculus vice president Hugo Barra, the Quest includes capabilities of Rift together with the portability of Go. Moreover, the prime focus of this VR headset is to assist gamers for enjoying a much-advanced gaming experience.

This device functions with two handheld controllers and includes inbuilt sensors, providing the user six degrees of freedom. As per gaming culture, six degrees of freedom offers the ability to lean over brackets or simply crouch behind items.

Facebook claims that Oculus Quest can even track the room close to you, permitting you to walk around for a maximum space of 400 square feet- depending there are no objects placed in the path.