Amazon investigates claims highlighting staff getting bribed

Company - Mohit Shah - Sep 19,2018

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amazon investigates claims highlighting staff getting bribed

The e-commerce giant, Amazon, is investigating claims that point out its employees have taken bribes under a give-and-take format to leak confidential company data.

The investigation is primarily focused on its employees who have allegedly taken bribes for compromising confidential sales data, mainly in China.

Amazon stated it had "zero tolerance" for exploitation of its systems and a "thorough investigation" is underway.

The Wall Street Journal informed that employees at Amazon are delivering internal data through mediators to independent merchants who are selling their products on the online website. This act is primarily aimed at enhancing their sales in exchange for payments.

The practice disrupts company policy and is very common in China since the count of sellers is mounting and employees at Amazon are paid comparatively small salaries.

Considering the case in Shenzhen, brokers for Amazon employees are providing internal sales data, reviewers’ email addresses as well as a specific service to erase negative reviews and reinstate banned Amazon accounts, in return for payments ranging between $80 (£61) to $2,000.

According to an Amazon spokesperson, "We hold our employees to a high ethical standard and anyone in violation of our Code faces discipline, including termination and potential legal and criminal penalties".  

The e-commerce company initiated its internal investigation in May after Amazon’s vice-president, Eric Broussard, who controls oversees international marketplaces got familiar with this ill act being practiced in China. Since then the company has keenly examined its management in the target region.