Nissan declares falsified emissions tests in factories situated in Japan

Automotive - Mohit Shah - Jul 09,2018

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nissan declares falsified emissions tests in factories situated in japan

The Japanese carmaker Nissan Motor Co., involved in a vehicle-inspection scandal last year, admitted that an internal investigation found forged exhaust emission involving five local factories.

The globally renowned carmaker, Nissan, didn’t reveal the exact count of cars that were involved, but stated emissions and fuel economy tests were "deviated from the prescribed testing environment".

This announcement by Nissan following an inspection fiasco which led to the recall of close to 1.2 million vehicles last year, is the newest in a sequence of compliance scandals involving carmakers like Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and Subaru Corp. Each of these incidents have dented the status of Japan’s manufacturing sector.

The vehicle-inspection scandal basically involved workers who hadn’t been authorized to confirm vehicles approved the final inspection causing a big blunder to shatter the company’s reputation. Focusing on this failure caused to Nissan employees, the firm has pledged there would be a "full and comprehensive investigation".

Further, Nissan added it had rechecked "reliable" statistics and confirmed that each of its vehicles excluding the GT-R sports car obeyed to Japanese safety standards.

On Monday, Nissan's shares dropped more than 4.5% after the carmaker alerted investors that a report on exhaust emissions was about to come up.

Last month, Volkswagen was fined almost €1bn by German prosecutors; the European carmaker sold more than 10 million cars during the period between mid-2007 and 2015 which had been equipped with a test-cheating software.