Google penalized a whopping $6.8 billion by EU concerning Android mobile system

Company - Mohit Shah - Jul 19,2018

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google penalized a whopping dollar 68 billion by eu concerning android mobile system

The regulators at European Commission have charged Google with a record antitrust fine worth $6.8 billion for using its Android mobile operating system to crush out competitors.

According to the European Commission, the tech giant had used its Android mobile operating system to form its “dominant position" in the search engine market.

Margrethe Vestager, EU antitrust chief, hushed away any case of anti-US bias, and further added that she very much likes the United States. She added, "But the fact is that this has nothing to do with how I feel. Nothing whatsoever. Just as enforcing competition law, we do it in the world, but we do not do it in political context”.

Apart from the imposed fine worth $6.8 billion, Vestager has further ordered Google to stop anti-competitive practices in pledged deals formed with smartphone makers as well as telecoms providers under a period of 90 days. If the company doesn’t abide by this decision, they will have to face additional penalties close to 5 percent of Alphabet's (parent organization) average global daily turnover.

In response to this judgment, Google has declared it would appeal against the fine.

Furthermore, Google's chief executive Sundar Pichai posted a statement that focused on the benefits of Android and the “rapid innovation” channelized through its global outburst. He specified falling prices can be seen as “classic hallmarks” of healthy competition which has been enabled by Android.

Presently, Android runs more than 80 percent of the global smartphones as researched by Strategy Analytics, which is the most vital case among the trio of antitrust cases filed against Google.

Some of the chief Android device makers such as Samsung Electronics Co, Lenovo Group Ltd, TCL Corp and Sony Corp, have dropped to comment anything on the EU case.