Smartphone Giants Apple and Samsung Resolve their Seven Long Years Fight

Company - Mohit Shah - Jun 29,2018

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smartphone giants apple and samsung resolve their seven long years fight

Apple and Samsung Electronics have finally reached a decision in their US clear battle, ending a seven-year fight over smartphone designs that crossed the globe.

It is well-known that world's two largest smartphone makers are popular for offering best and amazing features they provide in the smartphones. Since 2011, both the companies have been fighting over the functions and designs of their smartphones & tablets. For the companies, the long-running battle was about more than money. Initially, the market value has resulted in a $1 billion ruling in Apple’s favor. But it didn’t end there. The matter has becoming serious and various petitions has pushed the dispute to the Supreme Court and back, as the companies constantly repeated which patents were infringed and, more recently, exactly how much Samsung owes Apple because of this violation.

It has been also reported that the two technological giants remain far ahead of the competition globally in phone sales, but Chinese smartphone makers such as Huawei Technologies and Oppo have begun to eat into Samsung’s market share while Apple’s has remained equally steady. In the first quarter of 2018, Apple held 16 percent of the smartphone market, while Samsung accounted for 23 percent of the market share. Nowadays, Samsung taunts Apple in commercials featuring people opening new boxes of Galaxy smartphones while a singer murmurs “I’m leaving you,” an obvious reference to the iPhone.

Overall, the case mainly revolved around a number of design and utility patents for basic functions of a smartphone, like tap to zoom and the home screen app grid. The battle was eventually about whether Samsung copied Apple features of smartphones to gain an edge. The jury decided that, in many ways, it had. Considering this, the Apple Company has earlier mentioned that ‘We’re thankful to the jury for their service and satisfied they agree that Samsung should pay for copying our products’.

The battle went to trial in May, ending in defeat for Samsung, which had argued that it owed only $28m. The court has decided that Samsung must pay $399 million for patent infraction. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Apple and Samsung also had extra case awaiting which is related to newer devices, like 2012's Galaxy S3 model.