Britain's biggest pub chain runs short of certain beer brands due to CO2 shortage

Market - Mohit Shah - Jun 28,2018

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britains biggest pub chain runs short of certain beer brands due to carbon dioxide shortage

Britain's largest pub group reveals that some outlets are lacking the stock concerning several beer brands; this situation has risen due to CO2 gas shortages impacting the food & drink sectors.

Ei Group, the former Enterprise Inns, which manages close to 4,500 properties, said it was functioning with publicans in order to arrange alternative beer brands.

Several Wetherspoon pubs are known to lack draught such as Strongbow cider and John Smith's. In addition, many pub landlords are not able to pick and select other brands which they can sell due to restrictions.

The prime reason for this shortage is the reduced supply of CO2 gas in Britain. Carbon dioxide includes multiple uses all across the food and drink industries, which does involve the mixing of the gas in cider and beer. There has been a temporary closure for some U.K. as well as mainland European factories that are responsible for the production of CO2 gas.

Ei Group would not reveal which brands are running low or out of stock. However, it is believed that several Heineken products are there on the marker. According to an Ei spokesman, "We are aware of the issue relating to a shortage in the supply of CO2 and are working with our suppliers to minimize any disruption to our customers and our publicans."

Further, the statement issued by a Wetherspoon spokesman pointed out that some of its pubs will not be able to serve John Smith's and Strongbow cider, as both of them are made by Heineken.

Heineken has accepted the issue last week and said this CO2 scarcity is indeed causing production problems. On Wednesday, their spokeswoman addressed the beer drinkers in the U.K. to assure that all breweries offering their drinks will operate at “full capacity” as quickly as possible.