Uber Vs Google: Stealing of self-driving technology issue goes to court

Company - Mohit Shah - Feb 07,2018

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uber vs google stealing of self driving technology issue goes to court

Google's driverless car firm, Waymo, has blamed Uber of copying its self-driving car technology; it has been more than a year and now the trail has been actively opened on Feb 5.

Ride-sharing company Uber has been sued by Waymo, Google’s self-driving company.

Uber has been blamed of stealing as utilizing trade secrets associated to Lidar, one of the prime technologies which enables a self-directed car to realize what is happening in its surroundings.

It has been known that, Waymo would be presenting its case first, and later on Uber will get its chance to defend the case.

There have been emails presented in the court that shows Travis Kalanick, Uber's ex-chief executive, asking "pounds of flesh" from Google-owned Waymo. Whereas, others point out that he wanted to get access to “cheat codes".

Uber's lawyer, Bill Carmody said that statements by Waymo’s lawyer were all incorrect. Furthermore, he charged that there wasn’t any event of trade secrets being stolen. In addition, Uber’s lawyer stated that the possession of evidence claiming Uber had utilized private information recovered from Google are all false.

Waymo's legal team made sure to dismantle Mr Kalanick imahe in court as they compared him to Rosie Ruiz; a runner who was accused of cheating in the New York Marathon held in 1980.

Uber would initiate its defense in the following week. There are speculations that the company wouldn’t argument about document theft, but will try to convince the jury that it didn’t use the information for its self-drive trials.

Currently, in this case at stake is a possible damages payout concerning hundreds of millions of US dollars. That is the sole reason why the case needs to be resolved at the earliest, in order to resist additional penalties.