Huawei’s deal with U.S. takes a quick fall

Company - Mohit Shah - Jan 10,2018

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huaweis deal with us takes a quick fall

China’s telecommunication major, Huawei, revealed that the firm’s desire to sell smartphones in the U.S. has collapsed due to security concerns.

Huawei widely reported to have been in active talks with AT&T to launch its flagship Mate 10 Pro handset. However, the report was instantly denied by politicians citing security concerns.

This humiliation is the latest incident for Chinese firms receiving a hostile response to do business in the United States.

Richard Yu, Huawei's chief executive officer addressed an audience at the CES tech fair held in Las Vegas that tactics to build a tie up with the U.S. carrier "unfortunately" came to an end.

Although, Mate 10 Pro, Huawei's prime competition against Samsung's top-rated handsets and Apple's iPhone, would be available on sale in the U.S. through e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

According reports, AT&T was pressed to pull out of the deal after a total of 18 members from the US Senate and House intelligence committees approved a letter to regulators stating concerns about Chinese companies entering the US telecom sector.

Huawei said in a statement, "The US market presents unique challenges for Huawei, and while the Huawei Mate 10 Pro will not be sold by US carriers, we remain committed to this market now and in the future".

Dating back to 2012, a US congressional panel mentioned that Chinese telecom firms like Huawei and ZTE need to be grilled from making any acquisitions and mergers, since the two companies did model security risk to the US.