Coca-Cola picks out budget for package recycling by 2030

Company - Mohit Shah - Jan 23,2018

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coca cola picks out budget for package recycling by 2030

In its recent attempt for implementing global recycling scheme, Coca-Cola has framed plans to invest a share of its marketing budget for package recycling.

Coke has made out plans to recycle one bottle or can for every item it sells by 2030. This is counted as a 100% goal which would be implemented on the global level.

This initiative is expected to drop a big impact on the packaging method the company has been following since quite a while. Moreover, the scheme also includes encouraging consumers to be a part of the recycling act associated to packaging.

Greenpeace said Coca-Cola needs to focus on reducing, and not recycling of waste. The company announced its "World Without Waste" scheme by acknowledging that food and drink manufacturers were accountable for significant rise of liter on the roads, beaches as well as water bodies.

“The world has a packaging problem – and, like all companies, we have a responsibility to help solve it,” as said by James Quincey, CEO and President of The Coca-Cola Company. He further added, if there is something that can be recycled, then it should be considered under the process; the company wants to help people everywhere realize their part in keeping the surrounding clean.

It is interesting to know that, Greenpeace acknowledged Coca-Cola's move to enhance the quantity of recycled content in plastic bottles from 7% to 50% until 2030.

Presently, the UK government is working to introduce a deposit scheme concerned with plastic drinks bottles. However, Coca-Cola's announcement did not include any mention of deposit schemes.