China’s electric start-up firm, Byton, unveils smart car with futuristic features

Technology - Mohit Shah - Jan 08,2018

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chinas electric start up firm byton unveils smart car with futuristic features

Byton has revealed its first concept car model at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which took place in Las Vegas; the manufacturing firm has been financially supported by China itself.

The Byton Concept has been shaped as a high-riding electric crossover which features modern-age in-car infotainment as well as semi-autonomous driving systems. The company introduced the car model at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas.

This bold SUV holds several futuristic inclusions which make it a talented concept car.

It has been speculated that, the entry-level variant presents a rear-mounted electric motor with 272hp (203kW). Further, a high-performance dual-motor version is expected to place around 476hp (355kW) while spreading range to 325 miles (523km), as a result of a superior battery pack.  

Considering on paper statistics, the electric vehicle doesn’t quite compete with Tesla’s performance or price. Moreover, experts have stated that the vehicle presently lacks significant charging infrastructure.

But looking at the positives, the company is supported with money from China, which comes as a huge advantage. Moreover, this Chinese electric start-up firm believes that it possesses the necessary development know-how for overcoming hindrances that aren’t tackled by most amateur car companies.

Presently, Byton isn’t making substantial claims, but there are hints that the base version of the production model might cost around US$45,000 ($57,215), with a driving range of 250 miles (402km).

The best feature in this smart car is the huge touchscreen dashboard which is bright white during the day but inverts in the night becoming less distracting for the rider.

Jeff Chung, head of Byton's Intelligent Car Experience division said, "What we want to try to do is merge your life outside of the car with your experience inside the car".

The car’s main display would be capable to show any number of things such as video clips, mapping, calendars, health data etc. To heavy surprise, as soon as you sit in the car, the internal cameras will decide your identity and try to load your profile. Moreover, driving seat positioning and other customisations are available in this amazing car by Byton.