Elon Musk announces Tesla’s plan to launch a pick-up truck

Technology - Mohit Shah - Dec 29,2017

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elon musk announces teslas plan to launch a pick up truck

As a response to all the questions asked frequently, Elon Musk has delivered a promise regarding the pick-up truck being made "right after" Tesla’s Model Y crossover launches during 2019-2020.

Elon Musk has promised on Twitter right after he requested his followers to drop in various suggestions regarding the improvements the electric car company can make in the future. He mentioned the open-backed truck would be part of Tesla’s production plan after the launch of Model Y.

Furthermore, Musk also delivered several promises concerned with new features Tesla wishes to add to its existing vehicles; it covers the inclusion of intelligent windscreen wipers.

In the U.S., pick-up trucks are very popular, with sales delivered by the three major manufacturers summing about $90bn (£67bn) a year, as per data gathered from Morningstar Equity Research. Furthermore, the demand for these trucks has surged over the past 12 months.

Musk in his tweets stated the vehicle would be "slightly bigger" as compared to Ford's bestselling F-150 pick-up truck.

However, Tesla’s recent performance is under heavy questioning. In November, the company declared its largest quarterly loss, that is, $619m! Moreover, Tesla also admitted it was months behind considering their schedule for Model 3 deliveries.

Tesla’s boss had more surprises resting in his kitty, when he also revealed plans for a prototype to a new Roadster. He has visualized it as the fastest production car in the world that can cover zero to 60 miles per hour under two seconds. Interestingly, the top speed might race more than 250 miles per hour. The company is taking reservations for this ‘rocket’ vehicle that is estimated to cost between $200,000- $250,000.