Studies suggest breast cancer can take a U-turn after 15 years

Medical - Mohit Shah - Nov 13,2017

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studies suggest breast cancer can take a u turn after 15 years

According to a recent study, breast cancer can reemerge after remaining inactive for 15 years post a successful treatment in the past.

Around 40% higher risk of breast cancer revival symptoms has been noticed in cases where women suffered from large tumours and cancer that extended to the lymph nodes.

The scientists evaluated the progress rate covering 63,000 women for a period of 20 years. It was spotted that, the presence of the hormone oestrogen worked to stimulate and channelize the cancer cells to grow and further spread out. Each of these patients was offered proper treatments including aromatase inhibitors, which are known to curb the effects of oestrogen or directly barricade the hormone's supply.

After a treatment duration of 5 years, cancer had vanished. But in a balanced number of women, after a duration of 15 years, post-treatment cancer spread was detected throughout their body. These results have been astonishing for doctors and researchers as well.

As per a renowned researcher from the University of Oxford, Dr. Hongchao Pan, it is a remarkable thing that breast cancer can stay inactive for so long and later spread several years later.  On the other hand, research suggests that prolonged hormone therapy for a maximum of 10 years can be proven effective at stopping breast cancer recurrences.

 Senior clinical adviser Prof Arnie Purushotham at Cancer Research U.K said that after the research began, innovative drugs have been brought into play for the treatment of breast cancer. Furthermore, Sally Greenbook from Breast Cancer Now said, it is important to “urge all women” who have undergone treatment for breast cancer not to fret about the situation, but ensure they are informed about the different indications of recurrence.