Herbal medicinal products gain traction due to health benefits

Medical - Mohit Shah - Nov 01,2017

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herbal medicinal products gain traction due to health benefits

One of the key factors driving the adoption of herbal medicinal products across the global market is the surging prevalence of various lifestyle disorders. 

It has been noticed that a rising number of people around the globe are shifting to the use of herbal medicinal products. This trend is focused on global and wellness trend which comprises of several herbal and organic products. With increasing awareness about the side effects of mainstream medicines among consumers, demand for herbal medicines has been growing at a quick pace.

One of the major factors driving the adoption of herbal medicinal products is the increasing prevalence of different lifestyle disorders. The modern-day work routine is strongly focused towards sedentary work, which has surely caused a number of problems. Cases of arthritis are also in search for herbal alternatives for treatment and pain management. It is also observed that use of herbal medicinal products in the skincare segment is also advancing.

 Herbal medicinal products for anxiety and stress management are also gaining thrust, owing to the rise in these ailments on around the globe. The use of Ayurvedic products is benefiting the market for herbal medicinal goods. It is expected to manage a significant revenue share in the coming years. Greater awareness about traditional Ayurvedic products along with growing acceptance of meditation and mindfulness practices in the west is seen as the chief reasons for their popularity. It is quite evident that demand for herbal medicinal capsules/tablets is large as compared to liquid or powder form.

In the current scenario, Nutraceutical Corporation, Healthcare PTY Ltd., Sanofi-Aventis Arkopharma SA, Young Living Essential Oils, STADA Arzneimittel AG, Blackmores Limited, Integria Healthcare, Boiron Group and Himalaya Global Holdings Ltd., are tagged as some of the major manufacturers of herbal medicinal products.


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