Demand for wearable cameras in the medical sector offers significant lift

Technology - Mohit Shah - Nov 21,2017

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demand for wearable cameras in the medical sector offers significant lift

Compact sizes, superior design associated with wearable cameras make them suitable for recording surgeries or assisting in dental treatments.

The need for wearable cameras is rising on the global level. This can be credited to the different factors that are influencing the expansion of the global wearable camera market, such as surging popularity of social networking websites where the crowd prefers adding pictures, and the swelling involvement in adventure tourism and sports.

In the recent past, the global wearable camera market’s growth is also dependent on the adoption of these devices in the healthcare sector. Simple mechanism, compact sizes coupled with 360-degree technology, these wearable cameras are ideal for recording surgeries or even performing dental treatments.

Presently, a variety of wearable cameras are available in the regional markets, extending from low-resolution compact cameras to full-HD versions suitable for professionals. Rapid technology advancements leading to more sophisticated development is one of the motivating factors for keeping the demand for wearable cameras high on the global platform.

The main regional markets tagged prosperous for wearable cameras include North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and South America. Among these, North America enjoys the position of being the largest market for wearable cameras, based on revenue. The surging interest in adventure sports, as well as blooming tourism in the region, is anticipated to drive the demand for wearable cameras in the coming years. Furthermore, the high scale availability of advanced products such equipped with improved features such as water-resistance, GPS connectivity, high-resolution recording and internal storage, makes this region quite attractive.

Some of the major manufacturers holding significant shares in the global wearable camera market are Vievu LLC, Contour, LLC, Axon Enterprise Inc., Garmin Ltd., GoPro Inc., Rollei GmbH, Pinnacle Response Ltd., Sony Corporation, Narrative AB and  Xiaomi.


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