China leads the United States in terms of supercomputer supremacy

Technology - Mohit Shah - Nov 15,2017

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china leads the united states in terms of supercomputer supremacy

As per active research reports, China possesses 202 systems on the Top500's supercomputer list, with the U.S. comparatively having only 143.

The communist nation managed to submit 202 of the world’s highest performance machines, as per a recent report delivered byTop500 survey. On the contrary, the United States reported a total of 143 supercomputers.

It is believed to be the lowest level in the past 25 years; however, the North American leader still managed to grab the second spot on the list.

The supercomputers used in today’s time possess higher processing capacity compared to a regular computer. Moreover, these are equipped with the ability to make high-speed calculations. Presently, the application of supercomputers is linked to weather forecasting, track space activity, and nuclear weapons simulation. China is known to manage the globe’s fastest supercomputer called the Chinese Sunway TaihuLight.

There is an evident contrast between the two nations, since the U.S's fastest supercomputer, Titan, is ranked fifth on the global list.

Further, it has been evaluated that China has surpassed the United States on the basis of the aggregate performance. The South Asian country acquired 35.4% of the overall list’s processing power; whereas, the U.S. managed a share of 29.6%.

As per one of the survey’s co-founders, Erich Strohmaier, a number of Chinese supercomputer systems were created with a motive to earn money, which pushed owners to rent out their processing power to both local and international companies.

Looking at the utility plan associated with the United States, “scientific exploration and national security” are seen as the prime fields where the use of supercomputers is dominant.