Automotive seats market set to experience higher investment in the coming years

Automotive - Mohit Shah - Nov 09,2017

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automotive seats market set to experience higher investment in the coming years

In the recent past, companies are shifting their attention to environmentally-friendly materials used in vehicles and there is a noticeable trend promoting interior inputs.

Flourishing economic growth across emerging economies has boosted the need for personal mobility with the automobile industry. Since, the automotive seats market has been directly linked to this growth, it is poised to witness substantial investments in the coming years. 

It is interesting to know that, vehicle interior air quality can be significantly affected by emissions from trim components such as carpets, adhesives, PVC foam, and polyurethane. Therefore, a number of companies in the automotive industry are changing their ways to focus on vehicle interior air quality based on the ever-increasing industry regulations.

Quite recently, the regulatory bodies have issued mandates which stresses on the reduction of VOC emissions, thereby increasing the scope for manufacturers in the automotive seats market. Based on vehicle type, the demand for automotive seats is prominent for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles. Genuine leather, fabric and synthetic leather are the main varieties of material preferred for creating automotive seats.

Considering the geographical spread for the global automotive seats market, the Asia-Pacific region is marked as the most promising area to support the concerned sector in the years to follow. Further, it has been analyzed that, companies are shifting ways towards the use of environmental friendly materials for the vehicles and there is an evident trend towards the promotion of interior materials which have low VOC content to easily comply with all of the regulations sanctioned by respective authorities.


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