Rising incidences of accidents motivate the market for stretcher chair

Market - Mohit Shah - Oct 26,2017

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rising incidences of accidents motivate the market for stretcher chair

Active reports reveal that the global stretcher chair market is anticipated to reach a value of nearly US$ 250 Mn by the end of 2022.

The demand for stretcher chair across medical facilities is quite common, as it is used to carry patients in a comfortable manner. Over the years, the demand for stretcher chairs has augmented due to several factors. One prime reason which is spotted includes the increasing number of accidents which leave patients immobile. Furthermore, active innovations aimed at offering better access is also boosting the market for stretcher chair.

It is interesting to know that, the modern stretcher chairs can be cleaned without much hassle; this proves beneficial in preserving the hygiene levels. Furthermore, to offer the users with enhanced mobility, these modern stretcher chairs are armed with exclusive additions which makes it relaxed for healthcare providers to commute patients over corridors and staircases.

As per research discoveries, the global stretcher chair market is expected to reach a value of almost US$ 250 Mn by the end of 2022. This indicates that the concerned market is likely to grow at a CAGR of 4%, which is quite decent. Looking at the product variation, general stretcher chair, and special stretcher chair are the main types. Currently, the demand for general stretcher chairs is significantly high (62.6% of the overall demand in 2017), and it is indicated that the trend would remain active throughout the coming years until 2022.

North America and Europe are found to be the most prosperous regions for the market growth of stretcher chairs. Apart from high sales, these regions also stand at the forefront in terms of research and innovation. Some of the leading global companies presently cruising their way in the global stretcher chairs market are GF Health Products, Inc., C-RAD AB, Medtronic Plc., CDR Systems, AMTAI Medical Equipment, Inc. and Hill-Rom Holdings.


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