Global snow sports apparel market gains grip due to technological improvements

Market - Mohit Shah - Oct 09,2017

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global snow sports apparel market gains grip due to technological improvements

The consumers of snow sports apparel are preferring advanced products; it supports breathing in adverse environmental conditions with water and wind repellent features.

The worldwide market for snow sports apparel is estimated to gain traction as a result of technological advancement in the apparels that work to offer more safety. Furthermore, the rising popularity of winter Olympics and craze among the urban population towards outdoor recreational activities is boosting the concerned market.

The demand for women’s sports apparel has also shown remarkable growth in terms of sales; this is opening new opportunities for the active manufacturers to present snow sports apparels more comfortably. Looking at the primary market driver for the sector, increasing penetration of e-commerce is proving helpful for the consumers to select their own gears as per their need.

As per active report analytics, the rising use of protective gears such as helmets and shell tops has seen significant growth. This has further channelized the demand for shell tops to rise at an expected 14.8% share of the global snow sports apparel market during the period until 2022.

The geographical expanse of the snow sports apparel market is prominent across North America. This region is likely to dominate the worldwide market in 2017. As per statistics, the North American region is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 6.5% until 2022. Interestingly, it is also the most profitable market for the vendors who are functioning in the global market for snow sports apparel. Some of the prominent vendors attracting a major consumer population are V.F. Corporation, Black Diamond Equipment, Decathlon, Columbia Sportswear Company, Adidas and Under Armour.


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