West Africa experiences emergency situation with ebolavirus infection outbreak

Medical - Mohit Shah - Sep 25,2017

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west africa experiences emergency situation with ebolavirus infection outbreak

According to case facts, Ebolavirus Disease (EVD) is considered as a life-threatening as well as a contagious disease which holds a case fatality rate up to 90%.

Ebola virus disease (EVD) is tagged as a severe viral hemorrhagic fever syndrome which is caused by Ebola virus (EBOV). The prime reason for its expansion is due to its transmission through direct contact with the body fluids of an infected person as well as objects contaminated with the virus. It is further important to know that Ebola virus can also spread via infected animals. According to active statistics, EBOV is a life-threatening disease which has a fatality rate up to 90%.

The symptoms of EBOV begin with fever and muscle aches and later progress to breathing problems, kidney problems, severe bleeding, and shock. Although the infection may be mild but can lead a patient to death. Presently, the ongoing outbreak of Ebola virus disease across West Africa underlined the lack of licensed drug or vaccine for tackling the disease.

 There are several researchers who have been trying to understand this virus in a better manner. This is aimed at targeting its ecological reservoirs so as to learn about the actual cause and nature of the eruptions of this disease. In order to offer a proper cure, there are several top countries contributing to clinical trials such as Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and Middle East & Africa. It has been analyzed that there are 15 different vaccines which are in the preclinical development phase and 8 vaccines are undergoing evaluation.

The efforts of different companies involved in the various vaccination trials are quite commendable. Some of the key companies include Johnson & Johnson, Bavarian Nordic A/S, GlaxoSmithKline Plc., Tianjin CanSino Biotechnology Inc., ICON Plc., Merck & Co Inc., Arbutus Biopharma Corp., NewLink Genetics Corp., Chimerix Inc., and Gilead Sciences Inc.


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