Market for Yogurt & Yogurt Drinks in Canada Rises due to Striking Health Benefits

Food - Mohit Shah - Sep 22,2017

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market for yogurt and yogurt drinks in canada rises due to striking health benefits

As per the findings, the availability of various fruit-flavored yogurt with health benefits in Canada is anticipated to support the demand for flavored yogurts and yogurt drinks in the coming years.

Yogurt and its related products have a history of producing innovations that capitalize on emerging areas in health or bringing them into the majority while also offering consumers new flavors, textures and formats to keep the category fresh. The consumers in Canada are health oriented, and they always seek foods with health benefits that taste good. Therefore, manufacturing companies are now moving towards health-focused innovations, which is expected to drive consumer interest. The constant product innovations in the category, leading to the availability of diverse flavors and types of yogurt such as fruit-flavored yogurts have contributed significantly to the enhanced consumption.

According to recent report findings, the Yogurts and Yogurt drink categories displays longer-term growth in the Canadian market. The increased worldwide popularity of yogurt can largely be attributed to the health benefits associated with its consumption. Canada’s aging population represents a potential challenge for yogurt, while Non-dairy yogurt represents potential opportunity among younger Canadians. Also, there is an opportunity for yogurt category to penetrate dinner as Canadians flavor palates are expanding.

It is also analyzed that, competition among key players has been intensified over recent years. Manufacturers offer a variety of flavors due to heavy demand and yogurt may come as a drink, frozen product or dessert. Yogurt is often invigorated with extra vitamins and minerals; sometimes fiber is included as well. Among product categories, Greek yogurt movement gradually expanding its footprint across retail channels in the country and reshaping the yogurt category in Canada.

In terms of market value share, Danone Canada continued to lead yogurt and yogurt drinks with the share of 36% in 2016, followed by Ultima Foods and General Mills Canada with 16% and 15% value shares.


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