Market for textile colourant advances with rise in home furnishing activities

Market - Mohit Shah - Sep 21,2017

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market for textile colourant advances with rise in home furnishing activities

Textiles are needed for home furniture goods like carpet and drapery; increasing demand for home furnishing items pushing the market for textile colourants.

Textile colourants acquire a wide application in industries such as apparel, automotive, home furniture, etc. All of these industries are growing at a prominent growth rate particularly across developing economies, and hence the demand for textile colourant in these countries is surging at an impressive pace.

As per research findings, the automotive application is expected to offer a major impact on the overall market for textile colourants. In 2016, this particular segment was valued at more than US$ 500 Mn and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 4.4% during the period until 2026, to acquire a value close to US$ 750 Mn. Considering the market driving aspects, the textile chemicals market is a key driving factor for the textile colourant market. To be precise, textile chemicals are a class of speciality chemicals which are used in various processes involved in textile and fabric processing.

The demand for textiles under the home furnishing sector is quite celebrated. They are used to prepare a number of goods such as drapery, carpet etc. With an increasing demand for home furnishing items, the demand for textiles is known to progress. 

Considering the region-wise market spread, Europe and North America are renowned for their technical textile materials used for making automotive components such as air-bags and seat belts. Further, the market in India and China along with Japan is projected to play an important role in pushing demand for Mobiltech textiles. Such innovations are fueling the textile colourant market growth all around the world.


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